Streamlining Softail Deluxe rear fender (help)

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Randall K. Wilson, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Randall K. Wilson

    Randall K. Wilson Junior Member

    Picked up my Softail Deluxe yesterday. I desire to take off the factory rear rack and pillion...hence just a solo seat on this scoot. (I have a Roadking also for two up, trips etc.)

    I removed the pillion and found that the little rack is bolted to the fender, also there is this factory installed thick clear tape stuff all over the fender underneath this. Question? Will the rear tire have to be removed to rid the cycle of the little rack? Also what is with the tape. Can you just pull this clear tape stuff off? I saw another cycle with out the tape on it, he had gone solo seat only also.

    My desire is to have the whole nice painted fender exposed, a leather fender bib may be in order?

    Please respond if you have done this or know about this situation. I think I have made my agenda clear enough. Thanks!

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  2. STEVE07

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    To remove the clear tape you need a hair dryer or heat gun,gently heat it and pull it off.There are lots of products out there to remove the remaining mastic,but I use Ronsonal lighter fluid on a rag.:s

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Or WD-40 for those of us who gave up their lighter fluid awhile back...(now-a-days it is butane baby...!) :D
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  4. Randall K. Wilson

    Randall K. Wilson Junior Member

    Thanks got 'er done. Now for some nostaligic chrome hardward to fill the three holes, or a leather fender bib, or a detachable fender rack, or a combination of these?
  5. jody7734

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    Lighter fluid, also good for removing (insert pertoleum based product here) from your skin.....