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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by RN Richie, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. RN Richie

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    Thinking about buying an 03 Wide Glide, been stored for 2 years, "ran 2 years ago" Can anyone school me on what to look out for in inspecting this bike for purchase? What I"ll want to have "changed, serviced, looked at ie. fuel tank/lines, oil change, break flush, seals?, any discussion would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. atm33

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    Not sure if carbs or EFI. If carbs, they may need to be cleaned from old fuel sitting in there. When I bought my used RK, I changed ALL fluids. Then there's no question about the fluid condition, and you quickly become familiar with servicing your new ride. Might also drain that old fuel before a test ride or at least firing it up. My 2 cents (probably what it's worth).
  3. gator508

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    That's a very loaded question, depends on how the bike was treated prior to being stored. If stored for that long, the gas should have been drained, the plugs removed, oil run through the top of the pistons and turned over a few times, brake fluid drained and replenished, carb drained and cleaned out, plus several things I can't think of now.

    Fill it up with fresh gas, oil, start it up, and gingerly take it out for a test ride, watch out for the brakes. If everything works, you may have found a gem. Others more familiar with dynas can probably suggest more items to check. Good luck!
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Check the neck bearings, and wheel bearings with brake pads for wear and smooth operation
    Flush the brake fluid
    Adjust the clutch
    Add some SEA FOAM to the engine oil and tranny, run to operating temp and drain and fill with fresh fluids
    Check tires for dry rot and PSI
    Road test
  5. Jeff Klarich

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    All good advice, the only thing I'd add is if it was stored with gas in the tank even if treated I'd be inclined to drain and fill with fresh fuel with a oz or 2 of seafoam. Run it for a bit and check for fluid leaks before heading out for a test run. Good luck.
  6. RN Richie

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    Thanks Guys, all sound advice, went to view it with all these this in mind, gonna pass on the bike so many things visually that needed attention, then checking the oil in crankcase, the dipstick was dry, nuff said, gonna stick with my 1200 sportie till "the one" comes my way.
  7. Jeff Klarich

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    Sounds like a wise choice.:s
  8. fin_676

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    Two of the Harley bikes I have bought were low mileage older bikes the softail had not ran for 7 years prior to me getting it took a wee while to get everything in order but I paid less than market value for the bike and gained valuable experience in getting to know my way round the bikes