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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by rustybob, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. rustybob

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    Ok so i have the bike transported to my place and im trying to get title. I wound up buying t his bike from a widow who has lost the title and the bike has not been on the road since like 1983
    Is there anywhere on this bike that there could be a storage area where the old insurance card or registration could be? i know some old bikes had under seat storage.. does the 1971 Harley Sportster have this and how do i get the seat up to check ?
    Again i know this may seem like silly questions for you gurus but this is my first bike and im totally clueless
  2. YnotBiker

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    Some guys buy a license plate frame that has a "secret" compartment behind the license. You might need a special tool (or an hex-head) to open it. I'm not a guru, so I don't know that model... Good Luck!
  3. dbmg

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    No questions are silly when trying to find something out.......And you are correct, the gurus here are a wealth of knowledge and maybe able to help...:)
  4. TXRKC

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    Cant you just go down to the DMV with your Bill of Sale and file a lost title and have them issue a new title? Just get the VIN off the bike before you go in.
  5. Breeze3at

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    Every state is different for issuing duplicate titles. Your best bet is to go the the county tax collector/tag agency. These people can make it easy or drive you nuts. Use your biggest smile, and nicest tone to ask what steps you need to take to get a title. Have as much info as possible, and make them want to help you. Good luck.
  6. rhino 2

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    I agree, Especially the part ; Make them want to help you. And smile.
    In Jersey the Motor Vehicle Clerks are King, You don't want to rattle their cage.
  7. rustybob

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    The issue with the title is that the original is missing. I bought this included in the sale of a trailer load of junk from the widow of this man. The bike has been stored in this trailer since before they were married and the first issue is that they need a surrogates letter from the court. THis was obtained. Now DMV wants me to provide some kind of proof that this guy owned the bike.. an old registration or perhaps an insurance declarations page.. from 1983 and of course that is non existant.
    They will not accept a tracing of the VIN nor the actual bike as proof. Im guessing that because police records are purged after a while ( i had a cop run the VIN and plate and neither comes up as stolen.. in fact neither comes up)
    I was hoping that there was some place i was missing to find the old registration or something on the bike itself but clearly there is not.
    Im hoping to figure out a way to get clear title to this thing so i can get it running and have my mid life crisis lol
    thanks for the help tho
  8. gusotto

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    In my state, if you have an old plate, they can back-trace it for you. Even a plate # from a photo.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    How about with the tag and a copy of the death certificate? This would surely show the last owner being registered to that tag on the bike, and with a bill of sale you should show proof of purchase JMO
  10. rhino 2

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    rustybob;; Try this web site ,, Hope this helps.