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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Hill202, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Hill202

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    The more I accessories I buy, the more stock parts I accumulate. I'm sure there is alot of people here that have a garage full of stock parts they have taken off their bike. Does anyone ever sell these parts? Is there a demand for them?

    I have seat, pipes, air cleaner, handlebars etc. If I keep going, I'll soon be able to build another bike :D
  2. STEVE07

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    Keep the pipes,the rest put on the forum buy & sell or some other classified
  3. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    You will not get your money back for all the aftermarket parts you install if you ever go to trade in the bike. I would keep all Harley parts and after market boxes and if you ever trade the bike I would restore to original and sell all the after market parts.
  4. Hill202

    Hill202 Active Member Contributor

    Why should I keep the pipes?
  5. scrinch

    scrinch Active Member

    I sold all my stock parts on E-bay.. Didn't get much for them but I will never use them and when I am too old to ride I will sell my bike outright.
  6. SkootchNC

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    Anything you BUY for your bike... you've bought... it ain't an "investment" it does not effect the resale value of your bike, unless you find that one person who wants the bike exactly as you have it.
    If you are happy with your bike, and will never sell it, you can try E-Bay, or craigs list, folks are always looking for cheap replacement parts, but you won't get much for the OEM parts.
    You won't get full pop for selling the chrome goodies either, but you'd get more if you returned the bike to "stock" sold or traded it, and then sold the goodies.
    Then again, there is YOUR time, to be factored in.

    God forbid you should wreck, at least you'll have a supply of OEM parts you can use.
  7. speedyron

    speedyron Active Member

    There may come a time when they make us go back to stock emissions and such in order to be street legal. Keeping the OEM breather and pipes are a good idea to bring the bike back to original when (not if) that time comes. Too much fun is not welcome by the greenies.