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    I want to upgrade my sound system on my 09 FLHX so doing a little research and now confused. I know it didn't take much. I am looking at the Hogtunes 902.2/Amp kit for about $240.00 and it says that it makes 32 watts per channel minimum. I am also looking at the Hawg Wired DCS/SX system for about $580.00 but that one says its 120 watts (2-60) amplifier. I'm thinking they are confusing me in their advertising but was hoping someone could clear this up for me.
    Thank you
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    Just installed the Hogtunes in mine. BIG difference in sound quality Could'nt tell you anything about the other system except ouch on the price.
  3. Hoople

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    It is almost impossible to compare 1 manufactures "output watts" to another. There are too many ways to fudge and creatively lie. Things like "peak", "music peak, "IHF", "RMS", both changes driven, with 14.4 volts input, @ 1K cps, etc etc, are all questions that must be answered before you can compare 1 manufacture to another.

    It is VERY easy to make an HONEST 10 watts RMS (both channels driven @ 12.0volts into 8 ohms) to look like 100 watts for advertising purposes.
    The easy and best way to buy is to Listen to the systems if you can.

    This I can tell you for a fact. It would be VERY hard to generate an HONEST 120 watts output for very long with the little bit of input current we have on these bikes. The charging systems are 45 amps at best and we need a good 20 to run them. That does not leave much left over for a true big power amp. When you only have 12 volts, it takes a lot of current to get real honest numbers like 120 watts output. I promise you that if you were to really bench test that amp, it won't have 120 watts of USEFUL power. And even if it did, your battery would quickly go dead because the charging current is just too low.
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    I know that one is a lot of money!! Ok Hoople, that's what I was hoping to hear, thank you.
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    Just a quick note and a thanks to Hoople. I bought the Hogtunes amp and speakers, and while I'm no expert, I have to say that the set up is great. I have never gone over half of the volume available and the sound is clear a crisp with lots of base if you want it.
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    Hoop's our go-to elec wizard & right on the money. FYI, I just installed the HogTunes speakers (only) in my 09 FLHX last winter & didn't feel a need to add amp. Sound & volume are good for my taste, but I'm no young music blasting/head banger anymore either...;)
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    Great information, thank you all. Not that I could have afforded the Hawg Wired any ways but its sounding like I will be plenty happy with the Hog Tunes.
    Can anyone tell me why it says this thread was moved? Thanks
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    can you get the amp only??
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    If you contact HogTunes, you can purchase just the amp. I already had the speakers, and decided to upgrade my system with an amp. The staff at HogTunes were very helpful and great to work with.
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    Along with what Hoople said, the most "accurate" way in advertising is to find an amp rated in RMS power at 12.5 Volts. Several Amps I have seen are measured at 14.5 volts for thier rated output.