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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by SPEEDY43, May 20, 2013.

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    Worried Re: Steering Head Washer Kit 45740-07 -
    Hey just wanted to know if any one out there has tried this with the new washer ? I have that slight "clunk " in the front end ( 2007 FXST) when I go over bumps at anything over 30 MPH . My bike only has a little over 7,000 miles on it , so I was surprised that this noise would start at this point , but whatever . Ordered the washer kit and going to re-torque to 75 lbs , and see what happens . I hope it takes care of that annoying clunk ........
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    That fixed my problem, it was covered under a MOCO recall Check your gas tank mounts are tight as well
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