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    You folks done so good helpin me out on the compinsator .I looked thru the self help can you tell by looks if the stator is good mine the coils are all black where the copper I think should be brown ,it don't stink bad thanks Russ
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    How did the primary oil look dark did it smell burned, have you run a charging system test Testing The Charging System - Harley Davidson Community make sure you have a fully charged battery first 12.7 volts
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    The only colors I have ever seen used on magnet wire are Gold, Bright Red, Green and a deep Red almost maroon. Never a black color unless the complete finished assembly was dipped in waterproofing varnish and that is rare to see on consumer grade products.

    You can try checking it with and ohm meter. If it's toast, it may be shorted to ground.
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    Hi there was only 1000 miles on this oil and it was dark don't smell rank or nothin but it aint like out of the quart.I bought this bike last year about this time bad battery you would have to jump it to start the preveuis owner was doing this I don't know how long you mite make it if it didn't sit over an hour within a week I put a harley battery in its cryin out of the grommet hole for the stator and I opend this up looking for anything causing hard to fine nutral and somtimes not hitting second gear. cleaned the steels and fiber disk measured ok and no there soaking in pimaye oil Russ
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    Like Jack wrote - the best way to tell about the stator is to do the test - if it doesn't show that it's grounded and is putting out the correct amount of voltage per RPM's before getting to the regulator then it should be fine - there's also the test to see if the regulator is good or not, and I beleive that test is in the "testing the charging system" Jack was refering to.
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    If you have a bad unit in the system, my understanding is that the reccomendation
    is to replace both pieces, an start fresh. Anyone have an opinion on that statement

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    If the stator is black it likely has been overheatedas Hoop said the varnish/conformal coating is normally clear or a variety of colors...never black. And the primary fluid should be fairly clean amber color. On my Sporty which has both the primary, clutch and tranny all in one hole, I have never seen it black...only engine oil breaks down that-a-way, JMHO. And yes, if you suspect the stator is bad AND it ohms out wrong or low resistance to ground, replace the regulator as well, as it has been stressed.:s
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    I'm always careful when I change oil and filter on my 2ooo fxds (gone now) but One Problem I found AND Yours Might be the same (2ooo model),,, The Rubber connector Boot, where the stator Plugs INTO the front area Just BELOW the oil filter.... You get My drift already???

    The rubber boot and plug would fill up with oil IF I wasn't Careful.. The last stator that Burnt out, when I unplugged it,, IT was FULL of old drained Accumulated OIL.. That Had to short out the Juice!!!
    and BOY did My oil SMELL....BURNT and BLACK

    Just a thought for your ride when you change out the oil and filter..

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    Come again, who was doing the jump stating? You and or the previous owner? It is simple to check to see if the bike is charging but some thing tells me one of these jump starts fried every thing.