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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by banjopete, Jul 24, 2014.

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    Hi Guys,
    A day ago my 20 yr old ElectraGluide classic quit charging. A first check showed the volt. reg. OK, next check showed alternator putting out voltage but was shorting to ground. I got a new OEM stator from my local dealer and had it in, in a couple of hours and all runs fine now.

    Questions or two: do these fail often? 1st time in 20 yrs for me. Why? ( no signs of burning) Can you get a false short indication? there was a lot of grey fuzz on the old stator coils looking like primary chain "fines"...could this garbage have caused a surface short?
    (20 yr old bike 1/4 million kms)

    Thanks all

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    I am sure a more seasoned Member will chime in, but I thought that the regulator and stator are to be changed hand and hand...... So could you have had a momentary glitch with the regulator that shorted out the stator???
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    A bad regulator can cause a stator to overheat and short. It is good practice to install a new v. regulator when installing a new stator. A regulator may check good in the garage, but will overcharge when hot on the road. I have replaced v. regs. without changing a stator, but wouldn't use a old regulator with a new stator.
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    The regulator/ rectifier will shunt excess electricity as heat, that said changing both at the same time will be a big plus
    The filings on the magnets could indeed short out and cause this problem
    an oily plug on the case is another sign of a failure or soon to be
    An under charged battery will take a toll on both