starts & idles fine but breaks down after i turn the corner

Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by rrcanoglobe, Nov 17, 2015.

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    my 1994 HD FXRP keeps carbon fouling the spark plugs, I changed a broken choke cable & the changed the fouled spark plugs, it started & idled fine I let it warm up then I took it for a spin, it ran good for 60 seconds then after I turned the corner my bike died out, it started right back up when I pulled the choke out, then died when I got down the street, what should I try to run smooth & not die on me?
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    We need to know a little more about your bike and what type of modifications you might have made. Your bike does not have a real choke it has an enricher that allows another path for gas to enter the carburetor at the back. What type of ignition are you running? Is the motor a stock 80ci? Stock carburetor?
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    Replace all the vacuum hoses especially to the VOES. You may have a vacuum hose to the valve on the tank. Loss of vacuum will cut off the flow of fuel to the carb.


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