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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by AliveAgain, May 28, 2011.

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    I was talking to the dealership mechanic about cams and said I wanted one that comes on about 1700/1800 rpm. He said it ain't going to happen. He also said ," just putting in a cam will not do much for the seat of the pants effect". Now he may be referring to SE parts but said something else that intrigued me. He told me I probably take off at over 2000 rpms when I normally ride. I checked and I am letting the clutch out at 1500 rpms and shifting at 2300. So I am curious what every one else leaves at?

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    I really don't care WHAT the RPM is,,, IF you want LOW END Torque, Idle and UP, This is what is needed...

    I would think the bike you have will benefit from THIS :

    Cams Andrews TW 21's intake close a 30* (good lower end torque cams)
    this will give you a little More compression as the intake closes Earlier than the stock cams(34*)

    Use adjustable push rods from HD, their SE Slender Tapers work nicely.

    Then you need good slip-on exhaust, I like the Less money V&H with a good DEEP rumble sound and excellent flow..

    a better AIR flow like HD's SE air unit will do nicely.

    Now you need FUEL added to this mix and i suggest a TFI as they are Less $$ and you get a discount as a member Here on HDT when you mention it before you order from Dobecks 877-764-3337. TFI to fit your model and year bike..

    You MAY have some of these things already on the bike???

    But IF not and No Cams and No Fueler.. Use My suggested way and you will smile..

    The SEAT of Your Pants will Move Back Into the SEAT...

    ask Any questions if you like..

    Try this on for SIZE and see


    My opinion on RPM ,,IF you are running the bike Under 2100 RPM you are LUGGING the motor..
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    Bubbie and Smitty both got a lot of experience in cam setups.

    As far as taking off rpm, heck half the time I just let the clutch out at an idle. Yep just let it go right out on an idle and never had it stall or lug hard. Course after I get the clutch about 3/4 out I've got the rpms rising. Even going up hill or riding 2up teh most I rev on take off is about 1500. Actually I don't really rev at all prior to letting clutch out, I kinda just merge the gas into the operation as the clutch is going out.