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    hey all, I ride a 97 Softail, and started having starting problems a cpl monthes ago, sometimes wont turn over, just clicks, i have a manual and im about to do some tests today, just a little history- at first i thought it only happened when bike was hot (normal running temp) started to happen more frequently, not when hot anymore, so i had a HD mechanic look at it and of course when he had it it started fine, he did say starter was a "little loud" while engaging, so i went on and waited till it stuck me out to dry, bike finally started and i rode home and took starter out, had rebuilt, and reinstalled, has ran and started fine since then, (about a month) starting everyday no problems, last night it just clicked, i waited about 20 min, and finally started, i believe my problem is the solenoid, or starter relay, or connection to either, i have searched for bad conn. and not seen any, i also cannot tell if the solenoid clicks, or the relay clicks, AND how can i test for this intermittent problem, if bike starts fine right now what test says might not show problem??? Advice will surely be appreciated. TY
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    How old is your battery??? Have you tested it???
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    yes glazier i have tested battery, matter of fact last night as soon as it just clicked, bat was at full charge, thought maybe charging system was working intermittently, but bat and connections are good.
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    thats awesome Tank, gonna call Tampa HD right now to see if they stock one, TY
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    I think what glazier was asking was if you had the battery load tested. A battery can show full charge after sitting on a tender or charger but if the battery is weak or has a weak cell, as soon as a load is applied, cranking capacity diminshed. Combine a weak battery with a poor ground somewhere i the system and you have a problem.

    Not saying this is your problem but 90% of starting issues, assuming the starter is in good condition, are the result of a weak battery and/or a poor ground connection somewhere in the system.

    The starter button is a handy device for those emergency situations but does not address the underlying problem.
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    Check your battery, Under ''Load'', Most starting problems [clicking when trying to start] usually are cause by the battery, i.e. bad cell.
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    Check the voltage drop at the starter first. Then, turn run switch and ignition to on, bike in neutral and short across the starter solenoid, does it click or start? This would give you a clue about the relay, or the wiring and or ground or the solenoid it self JMO