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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by piggydog, Sep 6, 2009.

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    I have a RevTech 100 in my 1991 FLHS. The prior owner installed a 525CCA car battery in the bike. I replaced the battery cables, re-torqued the bolts, and installed a new 320CCA motorcycle battery. The problem is the bike will not turn over with the samller motorcycle battery. I assume I need a larger starter, 1.7kw to 2.0kw starter, in order for the bike to start with the smaller CCA motorcycle battery? Also when under full throttle acceleration the engine has a crackling sound, similar to the static sound when on the phone. I have tried different grades of fuel but the problem still exists. I have also tried the spark plug gap at .35 and .40. Is this a valve adjustment problem? New Harley bike owner so any help would be much appeciated.
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    An upgraded starter for starters.Then Id be looking at upgrading the ignition.

    Is this a new Rev tech?Any possibility someone messed with the timing?
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    I believe it's a 1991 Rev Tech. Not sure about the timing. Once started it runs great other than the noise at full throttle. Thanks
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    New/better quality battery cables will help get the amps to the starter. If your starter is shot, Spyke makes a great product. I had to upgrade my starter in my stage 3 Heritage because the stocker just couldn't handle the higher compression. Worked well for me.
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    Excellent point about the cables and most overlooked too on an engine that has work done to it over stock.

    These are some awesome cables in this post that will help with any cranking problems due to poor quality cables.

    Testing Battery Cables - Harley Davidson Community