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    Hey everyone, for a while now especially when bike is warm I would get like a kickback when I start the bike. I have read that a couple of things might fix it, one being the screaming eagle compensator which I had installed, the other one since I have the 103" with 255 cams that I should have compression releases put in. Well just yesterday the starter clutch went out, all it does is spin when I try to start it. I have the extended warranty so I am going to let them fix it. Now a couple of questions, do they make a stronger or heavier duty starter and if so do you think I should go with that? What does everyone think about the comp releases should I have that done and if I do should I go with automatic or manual releases and is either one more reliable or better than the other? Sorry so long I wanted to make sure I included as much info as I could. Thanks for any help.
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    Yes the stronger starter would be a big plus, the compression releases may not be a bad idea tho I would go the better starter route with a heavy duty battery first JMO