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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Bodeen, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Bodeen

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    So leaving work today, I crank the bike and it kicked back hard like a mule. It started and I immediately notice an odd sound. The sound of the jack shaft staying engaged with the ring gear. I shut it off, hit it again and wiiiing it goes. Jack shaft obviously still engaged and just the sound of the starter motor running, you know like the old Chrysler/Dodges used to do. A couple tries later it starts again and again the JS stays engaged. After a minute the JS disengages. I ride it home and it did the same after arriving at the house.

    The question is what and how much to do? obviously the jack shaft is probably bent so that is a given. Should I order a ring gear too? Should I be buying a new starter or rebuilding this one? This starter has 40K miles of starts on it.
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    Perhaps the best way forward is to strip and inspect then order the required parts
    However I get a wee bit impatient sometimes and order everything that I may need first
    Then order again from elsewhere when it takes too long for stuff to come from HD last time ordered in July arrived mid October

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    If you think you bent the jack shaft there's a decent chance some damage was done to the ring gear.
    If it were mine I'd do a complete rebuild on the factory starter. JMHO.
  6. Bodeen

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    So you think that one piece jack shaft is the way to go? Instead of replacing with OEM? Ive read both good and bad and have never used the one piece js. My starter is a bit of a pain cause you have to remove the oil filler spout too. I think though if I remove the primary cover and js., the starter may slip out the right side without removing the oil filler spout. The manual has both procedures depending on if your servicing the js. or removing the starter so I'm not sure. Im thinking if im that far in, may as well take the starter to starter guy in town.....
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Indeed IMO it is the way to go
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    [​IMG] Here is an All Balls starter drive clutch for your bike
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    Good news, I think....
    Pulled the primary cover and there it was! The jack shaft bolt had come loose and pinion gear was just riding on the ring gear. Pinion and ring gears look great. No broken or mangled teeth at all. Put it all back together and it starts like its supposed to with out noise or kickbacks.

    I have read that some folks have this issue and keeps reoccurring. Hopefully I can avoid that because I have never seen a resolution to that issue. Time will tell but for now I am back on the road for the cost of a quart of Redline Primary!
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    Great news! I have seen this before and if I remember there is a tab on the washer that needs to be bent over the retaining screw head to keep it from coming loose.