Starter relay problems

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Phoenix0, Sep 17, 2008.

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    I have a '95 heritage softail. My starter relay is repeatedly failing. Let me explain the bike would not start sometimes, then after a short period of time it stopped starting. I took it in and found the starter relay was the problem we had it replaced. Again after 2 weeks it started having the same problem again of not starting. Now it will not start until I rattle the relay, then it will work for two weeks. This is second relay and we checked the original relay works now that it has been jostled. Does any one have ideas on what to do?
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    Sounds to me like the problem isn't the starter relay at all but a bad connection somewhere, the relays very rarely go bad. Start with the battery terminals and remove/wire brush and replace the terminals as well as the battery posts too. Go from there if it still happens and check the wires in the plugs of the harnesses for corrosion and see if the wires are tight in the plugs.
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    I have a '91 Dyna that had reaccuring problems starting. Started with an occasional failure to start until I messed with it, and progressed to being a regular problem. Usually tried jumping it or push starting. Always got it going, but became a real pain in the (you know!), assets!

    Finally took the handlebar switches apart and man were they corroded. Cleaned them up real good and then sprayed them well with electical contact cleaner (do this with the switches out of the housing since the cleaner may be hard on the paint!). Once cleaned up, I sprayed them with a good silicone lube. Has been great since. I do intend to change out all my switch gangs and wire harness on both sides when I get my round tuit, but in the mean time this has worked. Give it a try and see if that helps your problem.