Starter Pinion Gear hits Ring Gear

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    I have a 95 Harley Electra Glide, a few years back I started having starter problems...A clicking noise would come from the starter when I hit the start button. I was in Sturgis and not wanting to spend much money on parts...bought a push button for my solenoid.
    This has served me well over the years but recently decided to fix it once and for good.
    I ordered a new starter, installed it and with the primary cover the pinion gear smack the ring gear again...doh! I went ahead and put the primary cover on and filled with oil.
    It does work better now but I still have to hit the start button a few times.

    A few things I have tried....

    1. Installed new starter relay
    2. Installed new Lithium Battery (400+ CCA)
    3. Ran 10 gauge wire for starter circuit (This improved starting a lot)
    4. Clean starter button and kill switch
    5. Installed 113 with compression release (told my wife this would fix it)
    6. New starter...

    Thanking all in advance,


    Is there a pinion gear that the teeth are more apt to grab the ring gear?
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    In looking at Tucker Rocker(Bikers Choice) catalog you should have a 102 tooth ring gear on the clutch with a 10 tooth pinion gear. It can be converted to a 66 tooth and 9 tooth combo. It's on page 1014. Their web is
    The change back is supposed to help starting. I would lean more to a bad/dirty connection in the starter wiring between the start button to the solenoid though.