Standing Bike Straight Up?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by DDogg, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. DDogg

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    When checking or filling Primary, or just doing some work on your bike, how do you guys and gals hold your bike straight up when all you have is a Jiffy stand. Now I have a hoist, but that's a pain to set up just to hold the bike straight. I know we all have different bikes, and mine is 700lbs. How do you hold it straight up (when the wife is to busy to hold it :) ). I'd appreciate the feed back. Right now I'm thinking of making my own brace for the front wheel. What do you guys use and is there something available for this purpose. No center stands please. That's for Honda's.
  2. STEVE07

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    At home I use the bike jack,at the shop I use the forklift,a buddy of mine just screwed two 2x4s and a 2x1 together,tilts the bike up and slides it under with his foot,seems to work really well.
  3. glider

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    If you figure out the correct height to the bottom of the frame when standing straight up and fasten some lumber together, make two sets of them and place one under the right side of the bike frame while it's on the stand.
    Then you stand it up so it rests on that and push it over a bit onto that side and slide the other one under the opposite side if you don't have a lift.

    To remove it just reverse this.
  4. DDogg

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    I have the identical lift as you Smitty but with my FatBob, I have to install special blocks under the frame and its a pain. I use the lift for storage only.
    I just want a way to straigten her up, but secure enough to change and like I said check the primary level and straight up maintance.
  5. Sharky1948

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    I use the Condor chock: Condor Motorcycle Products

    It's very stable on both my Sporty and Road King. I use it for all servicing, and have never had an issue. Highly recommended.
  6. TQuentin1

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    I have rigged up a couple of pieces of 1x3s screwed together. Slip that under the jiffy stand and lean the bike on that. It is only slightly leaning with this under the stand, so be careful of bumping the bike from the left side.

  7. DavHJ

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    Just make one of these nifty 20 dollar lifts there is a web site for the plans.
    I think it is called:
    $20 Bike Lift
    I use it all the time, just slide it under and lever it up straight.

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  8. DDogg

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    I was trying something similar when I changed my primary last weekend and it's to scary. I know darn well I'l bump it from the other side. My Dyna is 700lbs, so I won't be able to catch it. I'll try rigging up some 2x4's and make something similar to the post showing the front bracket but for 250.00 :small3d023: I can use my lift.
  9. gs34

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    +1 for the wheel chock. If you have access to a Harbor Freight, they have one on sale now for $29.00

  10. bwalsh22

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    I got the same problem as you. When I changed all the fluids I just put the stand on a 2x4, then sat on it for a bit while everything drained. For general maintenace checks the 2x4 keeps it close enough to straight for me.

    I'm going to give the oil change a go with the lift next time, since I just got it, but it seems like it may be more of a pain than it is worth.

    Alternative option is to secure some 2x4s to your lift, where the adapters would sit, then you have no need for the adapters anymore. If you do a search you can find quite a few people who have forgone the adapters and just did this instead, serves the same purpose.