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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mattmuir, May 7, 2012.

  1. mattmuir

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    Hello all. I am about to pull the trigger on a stage one upgrade. I have the pipes on, have been told the Ness Big Sucker is good, but have conflicting answers on the fuel system.
    I was going to use the Dobeck since they are highly thought of here but had an Indy try and talk me out of it. He said that the Dobeck just "tricks" the ECM buy adding more or less resistance that would down the road cause some problems. He,the Indy, said to get a control pack that changed the ECM settings. This stuff is Greek to me, Does any of this ring true?

    Thanks Matt..oh thr bike is an 2000 Ultra with the 88
  2. Breeze3at

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    Have you checked what brands are available for your Magnetti Morelli fuel injection? Since it's been discontinued for 10 yrs., there may not be many choices still available. Anyhow, I know many people using TFI's with many miles, and no problems. I'm quite happy with mine.
  3. Bodeen

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    I would steer you away from the Big Sucker. Many here including myself have had the back plate break. Bad casting of pot metal. Go with a Screaming Eagle or a Wimmer.
    Keep in mind your indy wants your money. He also wants to charge you to make changes to it. The Doebeck you can change yourself, if you need too. There are more happy Doebeck customers here then you can count. Your ride you decide.
  4. TripleJ

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    You won't be disappointed with the Dobeck TFI unit by either the product or the service.......

    I also agree with Bodeen on the Big Sucker.
  5. HDSickness

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    I have 99 Road King TC88 with MM injection. I went with a Power CommanderIII from Fuel Moto. They downloaded the proper map for my mods and I just plugged it in. Extremeley happy with this set up and fuel moto people are a big help and ship out quick
  6. mattmuir

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    Thanks Bodeen, I will keep that in mind. I know that there are many options out there , just trying to to see what is true and what is hype. I do have a buddy that had an ECM fry, when then Indy said that was a symptom of the "pot system" it made me think. And when I think it can get dangerous :)
  7. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest Here is some good reading, Dobeck is a sponsor here and have great tech support and will be able to answer your questions, as far as a pot frying a ECM not saying it cant happen but if installed correctly I cant see it
  8. horizonchaser

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    I had my Dobeck installed last Fall. I should have done that a long time ago. The bike sounds & runs great! Before the TFI my bike was notorious for decell popping whenever I would go down a hill and back off on the throttle. Since installing the Dobeck I don't have that problem at all. Not one pop, ever!
    As far as the ECM frying, that's a new one on me. Sure hope it doesn't happen down the road.
  9. RibEye

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    TFI does not add resistance. That is not how it works. What it does, in a nutshell, is pull on the same lines as the ECM, that turns on the fuel injectors. The TFI sees when the ECM pulls on the lines, applies load-based algorithms and also pulls on the same lines. The ECM lets go of the lines, but the TFI keeps pulling on them for just a bit more, essentially adding fuel to your mix, then also lets go of the lines. All this is done in such a way that the ECM does not know it is happening, and is not stressed in any additional way.

    What you will have is what is known essentially known as a hard-wired OR. It is a bit more complicated than that, but, you would have to understand their patent(s) for that info, and I leave it up to them to reveal beyond what I have.

    All this is to say that your indy does not understand the operating principle, and does not need to worry on your behalf.

    Rich P
  10. mattmuir

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    Thanks for clearing that up Ribeye. I do want the ease of setting up the unit at home and not having to run it on a dyno like the shop wants. I think I will go with the Dobeck if they have one that will work on a 2000.