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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by kevinp, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. kevinp

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    hi, I have thoughts of putting a stage one on my flhtcu. I know I'm not comparing apples to apples but to me she feels like a dog compared to my dyna. has any one done this? does it really wake a sleepy motor like they said?
    and I also wondered if the down load is necessary right away. looking at my pipes she seem to be running rich all ready, so more air ,leaner condition right?
    06 flhtcu
    every thing is stock except the mufflers. old ones rusted through. and they are true dual. bought from demon cycle. I have no intention of doing any big mods to the motor but I would like her to be a little more responsive.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    You'll never go wrong adding more air especially if you think it's running rich already.

    Normally adding more air to a stock engine you would be leaning it out more.
  3. Subby

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    A Stage 1 will help the bike run better, cooler, etc. You will notice an increase in power but I don't know if you will feel that it really "wakes up" your motor. That said, the bike will be happier with a Stage 1 than without it.
  4. chief08

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    when I first got bike( bough new) first thing got slip on pipes night and day come paired to stock. then got big sucker could not tell any difference then got talked in to stage 1 down load could not notice any difference. best thing was pipes. want my money back for down load.
  5. kevinp

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    thanks that's the personal experience that I realy would like to hear. good or bad I would like to hear. again thanks to all for all the help , past and present.
  6. dolt

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    Comparing your Dyna to a road sofa in not a fair comparison; you know that so don't go there.

    If you what the most you can get out of a Stage I upgrade, upgrade to a hi-flo air filter and a free flowing set of mufflers like Fullsac, Rush or Cycle Shak. Also spend the money for a fuel management system which could be a fueler like the Dobeck TFI that some on this forum have installed; a DIY install and tune which is really all that is necessary for a Stage I upgrade. Don't spend your money on the H-D download; money down the drain.

    Or you can spend more money for the PowerVision or TTS Mastertune and have the bike dyno tuned to optimize the performance of the Stage I upgrade. Granted, more money but IMHO worth the cost. True that the gains in TQ/HP will be marginally better than the gains from a fueler but the motor will be tuned all the way from idle to WOT; performance and efficiency will both the optimized.:s
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Agree with Dolt, A Dyna will run the snot out of a bagger ALL day long, Cams are the way to go with a bagger IMO
  8. dolt

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    Agree. Stage I, cam and tune will wake up a bagger.:D The '06 heads flow better than previous years and will respond nicely to a "mouse" cam like the S&S 509, Andrews 21/26 or the 48 or even the SE204; the 509 would be at the top of my list.:s
  9. kdaddy

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    I had stage 1 then rejetted the carb and added cams. Totally different bike. Cam opinions are as varied as oil opinions. My choice is andrews 21 or 26. I got the 21's and it pulls like a tractor. Hits a nice lick and runs great on the interste as well. Good luck with your decisions.