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    looked at my instructions and saw they had a setting for no download air cleaner,cams,exhaust,95 cubic inches......but mine will have air cleaner ,cams(Andrews 21n grind),exhaust,88 cubic inches think the setting i've got now will work ?(no download air cleaner,exhaust
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    DFO/TFI Information - Harley Davidson Community is this any help?

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    yes good info Jack i figured someone on this forum was running andrews 21n grind cams with a TFI on a TC88 hopefully they will find this post and tell me what ended up working well for them
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    I think that TQ has that set up on his bike. If I remember correctly he also has the factory stage 1 download. I think I read where he has basically turned of the TFI as the factory download was enough.

    I am running the 21 on my bike with just the stage 1 download also. It runs just fine. Yes it would run better if I had a SEST or Mastertune TTS ECM re- programmer and a dyno tune but my budget doesn't allow for that right now.

    If you do not have the factory stage 1 download just set the TFI at the recommended stage 1 settings. This will probably be close enough to start. You can always adjust it from there.

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    Yes, Randall is right. I put the AP 21Ns in my engine when I did the roller chain conversion. When I had done my Stage 1, I had the HD Stage 1 download done. Unfortunately back then I did not know enough to get the TFI instead. I would have been $$s ahead if I had done that then. I did install the TFI when I did the conversion, but have it turned off right now. If I do something else to the bike, I already have the TFI if I need more fuel too.

    If I were doing it all again, I would do the TFI rather than the HD Stage 1 download. Much more flexibility with that option.

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    I've been running a TFI for several years now on my '03 RKC 88" with the Stage 1 download. My bike ran very well with the TFI dialed in as follows:
    G - 1:30, Y - 3:00, Red - 3:00 and RPM - 4:30. My MPG at these settings averaged 37 city/42 Hwy depending on my wrist. :D

    I recently did the cam conversion, installing the 21N grind. I left the TFI at the previous settings and went out the following day and did a 185 mile loop running anywhere for 55 - 90 mph on two lane and super slab. Bike ran flawlessly with plenty of pull when I wanted it, averaging over 45 mpg.

    Then I decided to tweak the TFI to something a tad richer than what I was running, but the TFI instructions didn't have my configuration. I decided to use the Stage 2 motor - 95" with cams and exhaust no download as a base, but slightly modified which calls for the settings of G - 3:00, Y - 8:00, Red - 6:00 and RPM - 4:00. I instead used G - 3:00, Y - 6:00, Red - 6:00 and RPM - 4:30, and while I'm still on my first tank, my seat dyno says it's slightly better in the power than before TFI adjustments, and mpg is noticably lower based on typical 1/2 tank emperical data. I'll run another tank this weekend and make a judgement then, but rolling back half of what I dialed in is strongly being considered. :yes

    Note: Bike had 35k on the clock and running Amsoil since around 10K. Bike is a daily rider for the last 3 years and gets ridden hard. Cams, lifters, tensioners, etc. looked (EDIT) near perfect. Very slight wear on both tensioners, which in all honesty was the reason for the cam swap. I read too many horror stories on these forums and was terrified of failure. :reyes

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