Stage 1 upgrade, but not louder?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by MtnMan, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. MtnMan

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    After riding Japanese, German and Italian bikes for 31 years I just got my first Harley last weekend, a 2013 Electra Glide Classic, which I very much enjoy.

    I like the power of the 103 engine, was considering leaving it alone, but I keep reading about modifications and the possible power gains.

    Letting the engine breathe freer sounds like a good idea to me but it looks like I have to get new mufflers for a stage 1 mod.

    My question: can a stage 1 upgrade be done without having louder pipes? I really like the sound and noise level of the stock exhaust system.

    Thank you,
  2. harley@16

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    I think so, there is a lot of options out there, just have to do some searching. Although the change is sound is worth every bit of the better performance, it will feel so much nicer.
  3. oldhippie

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    If you're keeping the stock head pipe with the cat, then there are choices out there that are 1 to 3 dB louder than stock.
    I have the Supertrapp SE's on mine and they are just a bit louder than stock and my wife has no complaints. They are marketed as being 2 to 3 dB louder than stock when run with the stock cat 'd head pipe.

    I think Vance & Hines has a set also that are just a little quieter than my SE's.

    If I remember correctly, V&H website has an audio link to hear what they'll sound like compared to stock.
  4. rhino 2

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    If you just want more performance, and not pipes the stage 1 works well.
    You'll get more power run a little cooler, and it will raise the red line to 62 hundred rpm [with recalibration]
  5. hogrotten

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    Short answer is YES. rhino 2 has pretty much covered it. If all you want is a little more umph, a S/E Air Cleaner and a stage one download is all you need. :rider
  6. hogcowboy

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    I have 80% hearing loss in one ear so want no added noise. I find the newer SE slip-ons to be quite mellow. I like the slash cut on the end too.
  7. dolt

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    A Stage I upgrade without opening up the exhaust is a waste of money. A complete Stage I upgrade would include the SE A/C, freer flowing slipons and a tuner like the Dobeck unit that Tank mentioned. The Supertrapp slipons are as quiet as aftermarket slipons get and tuneable by adding or removing discs; quiet at idle with a little more noise than stock under throttle.

    You won't be able to do much about the heat if you leave the catylitic converter in place. There are vendors that will remove the cat if you send in your head pipe but a lot of guys replace the OEM head pipe with a catless pipe like the FuelMoto piece and save the OEM head pipe for bike resale or inspection day. JMHO
  8. MtnMan

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    Thanks a lot, guys for your suggestions, I appreciate it! I will look into the different options.

    The gas mileage will go down somewhat when the bike runs cooler/less lean, correct?

  9. rhino 2

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    Not necessarily so, When most people do performance upgrades they tend to punch the accelerator harder, i.e. the sound is intoxicating.
    Once you go back to riding the way you did before the upgrades your mileage will increase.
  10. RibEye

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    The V & H Monster Ovals provide significantly freer breathing than stock, while not punching through the noise wall. They will bark nicely when you punch it, but are quite growly and mellow under normal riding conditions.

    Rich P