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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Night train35, Apr 8, 2010.

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    I'm a newbie, so forgive my ignorance. My 08' night train is stock currently.
    I want to add a V&H exhaust, either Big shots staggered or Big radius. I also want to add a Roland Sands air cleaner. I'm confused on the stage 1 remapping. Can I do the remap myself with a V&H fuel pack, Power commander, etc.. or do I need to take the bike to a dealer and pay them to do the download? Do I need to have the bike put on the Dyno?
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    I also would like to add to Gliders post:

    Many of the members here use the TFI and have had greater than expected "good results" from using it.

    On my full stage one 09 FLHR I couldn't believe the "seat of my pants" feeling I got after I installed the TFI..
    The lean condition was gone by using the suggested settings..

    My bike ran lean right from the show room floor as most do.. And really lean after the exhaust and intake changed, the TFI was needed.

    The TFI really WOKE my bike up especially noticed when twisting the throttle on in 3/4/5/6 as compared when stock.

    i really am happy with the results, I'm impressed.(.)

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    Well said Bubbie too bad the EPA has us running so lean in the first place, if they would jack the compression up a bit and give us real gas HMMMM maybe they would run better and cleaner maybe a bit cooler too
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    i just put a stage 1 on my 06 injected night train...go throught fuel moto fast easy and cheap. they map the power commander for you to match the pipes you want to put on/ air cleaner, and model of your bike. just installed all my stuff yesterday and it runs great...nothing you cant do without a socket set. finding room for the power commander on night trains is tricky though because there is absolutely no spare room under the seat
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    TFI is cheaper and you can adjust it yourself and if you change pipes or A/C again you can adjust again at no cost. Self install is pretty easy.
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    Hi Nighttrain,i ran my 02 roadking for a few yrs with just Kercker pipes,i then bought a Arlenness big sucker air breather,as usually before i put the breather on it was running rich at mid range,,once i put it on and then re dyno it,the fuel mixture came together on its own and gained me almost 7 horsepower,,most of the time they adjust themselves to work,if there are no big changes to the bike,just stage one ,it is usually manageable by the stock system,,dont need to dyno,but it tells you all you need to know about how its running,,