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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by rbev1906, Apr 28, 2011.

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    I have just purchased my first Harley, a 2010 Fatboy Lo. The bike is completely stock except for the Vance and Hines slip ons that I have ordered. Before purchasing my Fatboy I had ridden sportbikes for years and while I love the cruiser lifestyle, I would like some additional throttle response. What is the best Stage 1 setup? Ofcourse, the dealership wants me to go the SERT, SE filter and Dynotune route. I have been looking at the Thundermax autotune. Any thoughts would be appreciated......
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    Welcome to THE forum. Lots of cool folks here with lots-o-knowledge. Screaming Eagle air cleaner or a K&N. Dont be fooled buy the Ness Big Sucker, not worth it. The TFI comes highly recommended here and the company is a member of the site. Lots of happy customers.
    Use the search function at the top of the page. It will keep you reading for a long time. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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    Bodeen pretty much has you covered here. Welcome to the forum.
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    Thanks for the responses! I'll do some research on the forum and post an update with my results.
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    I agree with the TFI and stage 1 from the dealer as my choice. As Bodeen mentioned, some problems with the backing plate on the big sucker cracking.

    Hard to beat a simple solution, the dealers usually recommend one of the more costly units that involve dyno time because it translates into profit for them.
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    I just bought my wife a Fat Boy LO and had them install V&H Big Shots, SE Stage 1 and SE Pro Super Tuner. She only has 600 miles on the bike so far but she's really happy with the ride and the performance. - I was willing to help her put some miles on the bike but she prefers I keep to my Road King :(
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    I was thinking of pipes stage 1 etc on my new 2010 flstc but figured say $1500 (aud) buys 1000 litres of fuel (@1.5 per litre) which equates to 20,000 kms of riding (@20kms per litre) For my money the extra riding is more fun
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    I agree with the advice to go with the TFI - a great little unit at a good price and very adjustable. You'll notice a big difference in the bike with just Stage 1.

    Welcome by the way! It's a great place to learn a lot and enjoy your time here.
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    The TFI come highly recomended here, I have Vance&Hines pipes, Stage one SE sucker and Vance&Hines fuelpak, I got them all at once and I am not happy with the fuelpak, or the service that has come from their customer service lines. I personaly am not shure about the TFI, But I am currently doing research on it. These guys on here will give you tons of ideas to contenplate, its a great fourm!!!