Ss carb model 380 and issues!

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    So today was beautiful day and decided to go for a put, started the bike and it sounded funny. It was running on 1 cylinder and so I shut her down and checked the plugs and 1 looked liked it may have possibly fouled. So I had no spares but cleaned it up with a little sand paper and wiped her down.

    Put both plugs in and fired her up, it still did not sound right but after a mile down the road it cleared up and ran fine.

    Met my dad in town and went to leave and back to square 1, this time it sounded worse, oh b the way they are champion plugs in there. And I bought some autolite spares at napa.

    Now it sounds horrible and missing and back firing like a big dog so I decide to throw the new plugs in and no difference. Take it down the road and now I am thinking I will not make it a mile. Pull over and take the new autolites out and they look definetely like it is running way to lean.

    My dad decides to take the bowl screw out to see if there is an (EDIT) in there, and it looked descent. I decide to throw the champions back in and put stuff back together. Fire the bike up and it sounds good. We ride for about 20 miles with no hiccups.

    I go to leave and start the bike and still sounds a little funny and missing but comes out of it a mile down the road. I make it to my next stop and shut her down again and when I goto leave same thing starts missing and running on 1 cylinder and snaps out of it a mile down the road.

    Now I know it is the carb, any thoughts and does anyone have any literature or settings for this carb. I did play with the idle screw and mix screw during this headache.

    Thanks for any help:small3d023:

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    Bad gas?

  3. Jack Klarich

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    Number 2 on gas, try some fresh gas first:s
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    So it ended up being I lost half a coil and which was dropping my rear cyclinder out. Just a quick note how to tell,

    Flip the sides of the coil leads and see if this fires the suspect cylinder, if it does you lost 1 side of your coil.

    Installed new coil and tried to put carb settings back to where they were.

    Rode the Toy run over the weekend :D

    I forgot does the mixture screw turned in, lean out or richen?

  5. Jack Klarich

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    Try out 1 turn at a time and make a run look for poor acceleration and popping and dead spots out is lean too far out will be a problem:s