Springer for Road Glide?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Springer Fan, Jun 14, 2010.

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    I have been given the opportunity to purchase a 2003 Road Glide with only 3700 miles on it with several extras like quick release back rest, hwy pegs, etc. for only $12,500. He let me borrow it one weekend and it rides and handles like a dream. I really enjoyed riding it except for the more forward sitting position because of the stock handlebars. I personally know the owner and he babies everything he owns.

    Here's the problem...I have a 2003 Heritage Springer with 15100 miles on it that I have dumped a lot of myself into like quick release bags and backrest, chrome axel covers, Chubby beach bars with internal wiring, TFI, quick release 100 anniversary wind-sheild, Linby bars with hwy pegs, etc. I love the springer, but my wife hates the ride. I have adjusted the shocks and its better but the seat just doesn't support her larger frame.

    We can't afford two bikes. My springer is paid for, but we have a kid going to college in the fall and don't know what to expect for expenses. I married my wife just a few years ago, so I didn't get to plan for her college funds and have to either pay out of pocket or get a loan, which I hate the thought of.

    Should I sell the springer and buy the RG and invest in it like I did with the springer? Keep the springer and try to improve the ride for my wife? I thought I would get he opinions of you guys who I received so much good help from in the past.
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    While The Springer is an awesome looker The Glide will ride 2 up much better, too bad you have to choose
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    Thanks Jack. I appreciate your reply.

    I guess this was just too boring a subject for everyone else. No big deal, I'll figure it out.
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    Not boring, I just got in from my ride! The RG will let you and the wife enjoy the ride. I too think it's a shame you can't keep both but I do understand. About college, have you or your daughter looked into scholarships, or looked online for organizations looking to sponser students? Try at the high school she attended and talk to a guidence consuler. You would be surprised at the number of stipends that are available.
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    Funny you should mention that. I just SOLD my '03 Road Glide, and BOUGHT an '06 Heritage. Here are my reasons.

    I bought the RG a couple of years ago, coming off of a 22 year old FXRS. The glide was totally different, but extremely comfortable. The wife and I loved it on long drives. BUT I never quite got comfortable with it. It is more topheavy than the softail, and I found it harder to turn with it. On a straight away, the smallest lean or shift in weight transferred itself to the wheels, and the bike would want to go off on its own. I never felt completely at ease coming up to a stop. The bike seemed like it weighed a ton.

    I've had the softail for less than a week now, and already I'm more comfortable with its handling then I ever was with the glide.

    Point is (yeah, there really is one), they are so different, you need to ask yourself what kind of riding and how much of it are you planning to do? We thought we'd be doing much more touring that we did, and we do a lot more in-town riding than we thought.

    True, the softail isn't as comfortable, but I'm having a softer seat made for it. The wife is fine with it, and much prefers the look to that of the Glide.

    I'm not a little guy, either. I'm 5' 10 ", 205, and I can handle the glide. It's just not fun under 40mph or so.

    Well, just one opinion...take it for what it's worth.
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    I'm not trying to be too simplistic but I've highlighted the crux of your decision. How often does your wife ride with you? How often do you do longer rides where the comfort of the RG is a major factor? Do you want to keep your wife happy and supportive of your motorcycling habit? :p Answer these questions and you're well on your way to making a decision.

    As to the college matter, expenses will always be higher than you plan for. Just a simple fact of life I guess. Visits to the health center, activity fees, fraternity/sorority costs, rec center sponsored trips, etc. Luckily most campuses have an abundance of job opportunities for the student to help out with the unexpected extras.
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    I have an apology to make here. Had a few too many last night and got frustrated. AC on the house went out and had to spend $450 to get it up and running again. Temp got up to 92 inside before it started coming back down.

    The reason I posted this in the first place is that I really value the opinions of all you guys on this site. True to form, your comments so far are spot on. I want my wife to be happy and ask to go for a ride or say, "lets take the bike up to see Laura this weekend".

    When my first daughter was born, I had to sell my sweet Camaro RS and buy a minivan. :newsmile077:

    I survived that and will survive losing the beautiful springer too.

    SO...I have a 2003 Heritage Springer for sale! :D

    BTW: Thanks for the tips on the college stuff. I did do some research on a few things and will keep going in that direction. Thanks again.
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    No apology required - we all know how frustrating it is when stuff goes wrong at the most inopportune time around the house.

    At least you didn't cuss us out and get sent on vacation and/or POOFED!!!