sporty trans lube?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by evolution2, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. evolution2

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    hi guys need some advice, some ppl say gl-5 lube for sportsters, some say gl-1
    my manual says--- HDsport transfluid for "04-06"--- then they call for different "prolly the HD+ oil"
    i have multipurpose gear lube "gl-5 e p", for all kinds of gears,and limited slips
    limited slip rear ends will have 600 horse? on them a lil sporty only 85? max stock
    im wondering about the gl-5 issues because of the stator metal and other metals ect..., my first harley so i am asking first, as i want it to last and shift well - and already have this lube ,and dont really want mobile/or synthetics

    thanks for replies
  2. BikeSAG

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    I ran GL5 rated Mobile 1 - 75w90 in my sportster primary/tranny for years and never had a problem.

    I also know of guys who run Mobile 1 - 20/50 motor oil in the primary/tranny with no problems.

    Both are the same viscosity.

    Key for me is regular service (fluid changes).

  3. evolution2

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    thanks for replying, is the mobil1 synthetic? i have mystik jt7, i hear good things about it , its heavy duty and should last , implement and heavy duty stuff need good oils/lubes,and high dollar machines ,ppl dont like to mess with bad stuff you know?