Sportster XLC883- No check engine light

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by ladyridingred, May 25, 2009.

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    I was riding to NM from CO today, going 80 mph, when 10 miles outside of Walsenburg both my check engine light and battery light come on for 2 sec and then go off. The engine does not sputter, nothing happens at all. Then a minute later, the light goes on again and then off. Now I decide to pull off into Walsenburg and check the alternator plug, because that being lose caused this issue before. No dice - tight and secure. I check the battery connections - all tight. Check the fuses - all okay. I call a friend who says the problem is either the stater is going out or the battery is dieing (new battery 4 months ago). Some bikers come by and then double check my work, and everyone agrees that nothing seems to be the issue, I should try and ride it until the bike dies, and then call road assistance to get it towed if needed. (I was 60 miles from the tow going to my home HD, right now it is going back to Pueblo). So I gear up and repack the bike and go to start the thing and the check engine light does not come on at all, but everything else does - the battery is fine so it seems. I try again - nothing. The engine turns, but does not engage (the tank is almost full and does not seem to be the fuel pump). SO now I try to check the error code, no rsp for P. I check the kill switch - in the run position. Try again - same response.

    I am stranded in Walsenburg, with the bike to be sent back to Pueblo or I have to get a trailer to take it to Santa Fe myself. And I have no idea what the issue. The engine was running fine just minutes before. Started right up and no noises to suggest that the lights came on for the engine. The oil light does what it is supposed to as well.

    With no error code - any ideas??
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    I had a similar problem with my 07 Sporty (though it gave me a P0562 error code).
    After a thorough electric diagnosis test, it turned out that the voltage regulator was at fault.
    I replace it and had no problem since.