Sportster Fuel pak vs. Power commander

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by theklanchXL1200N, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. theklanchXL1200N

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    Hey everybody,

    I was wondering which fuel injection system to get for my bike. 07 xl1200n

    I was wondering the pros and cons of each system, which ones anyone had problems with, which is better etc.

    I am not looking for endorsements on which one you have, I want to know why you got the particular FI controller.

    This is one I really can't decide on. My buddy says go with the power commander. I am leaning towards the fuelpak. I can't see wasting $300 for a dyno pull. Also the oxygen sensor eliminators on the power commander have me wondering.

    Oh well let me know
    thanks, THE:rider
  2. thewoff

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    I dont know about eliminating the O2 sensors, I undestand that with the S/E race tuner you can adjust feul at each cyl. and adj. the timing. anyone else have any ideas? let me know as well. thnx
  3. glider

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    You can go both ways with the TFI in regards to the 02 sensors. Keep them or eliminate them. Different units required to do this.

    Call George at Techlusion above and talk to him. You will get the straight scoop from him.

    Easy installation and setup. Gives you more usable power without the headache of computer setting and spending your life tweaking it.
  4. theklanchXL1200N

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    Hey Glide, I just checked out the website that you referred me to. Does this unit basically make fuel injection tuning like tuning a carb? That's what I get from the website, which if that is the case that is what I am looking for. I know how to tune a carb no problem, so I guess this is what I am looking for.

    Price is right on it too. Do you run one? Or anyone else run one of these TFI boxes let me know the down low on how to use it I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks once again, Glide; you know your stuff.

    THE :rider