Sportster clutch Stack height (Long)

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    Hello All,

    Just wanted share some information so someone can diagnose drivetrain / clutch problems in the future.

    My problem started with the clutch NOT dis-engaging. Long story short it was the release plate bearing. While I was in there I thought I might as well
    check the clutch basket, inner hub, friction plates, steel plates, spring plates, bearings, etc. I have 36k on the 1995 1200 XLH. Never had a problem before the release plate bearing.

    Found some burnt (not warped) steel plates. The friction plates had decent
    material left. The inner clutch hub had a retaining finger tab broken. The clutch basket had grooves were the friction plates contact.

    Pressed out the inner hub, replaced basket bearing, and pressed in a new
    inner hub with new retainers rings. While the basket was bare, I hand filed
    all the grooves in the basket. Installed Barnett's extra friction discs and plates. Also used ATF-F Barnett recommended.

    Took it for a test. Clutch slipped badly. Called Barnett twice and talked with a tech. Long story short, they said the stack height should be "1.19 inches". When I measured their clutch kit it measured 1.283 inches.
    So if the clutch slips at 1.283 inches, the recommended stack height of 1.19 inches is not even close.

    At this point I knew I was on my own.

    Things I found out through a lot of trial and error:

    1) James primary gaskets are the best for repeated useage.

    2) Check the original stack height of the clutch pack when you take it out.

    3) Check the depth of inner hub face to the top of the basket before you
    dis-assemble. This should get you in the ballpark of stack height.

    4) When you torque the clutch basket assembly to the mainshaft, you may
    lose a couple of hundreds of an inch.

    5) All clutch kits are different. I measured the following friction plates and steel plates ( Alto, Barnett, Harley). They are all different thicknesses.

    6) According to the manual the stack height for the Sportster clutch pack should be around 1.274". This is using the spring plate measurement of .202".

    7) I calculated I needed 1.345" of stack height. I used 8 Alto Red Eagle friction plates at .087" each. Friction plate Height .696
    I used 6 harley steel plates at .061" each. Height .366
    Used 1 Barnett friction plate at .086 Height .086
    Used 1 Harley spring plate at .202" Height .202

    Total height is 1.35"

    If your wondering how I used 9 firction plates with 6 steel plates and one spring plate, I stacked 2 friction plates together first.

    And used Harley Formula Plus.
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