Sportster clutch issues

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by braddog, Aug 29, 2013.

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    How do i post a question? Can't find anyplace to post a question
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    Here's the question I want to post...

    I have a 99 XLH883C. I replaced the clutch and cable was because I would take the free play out per procedure and a few miles later the play was back. The last attempt to adjust the cable the sleeve completely unthreaded So I reconnected it with 1 turn and locked it down. Then the lever would not pull but had about an inch of play. When I replaced the clutch I inspected the ramping mechanism and throwout bearing and saw nothing obvious. I even replaced the primary cover because the Chrome was pealing. After I put it all together I tried it out and it worked great. Then when I took it for a ride 1/4 mile later there was all free play. The throwout bearing would touch about 1/2 inch from the grip. Any suggestions?
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    Am I reading this correct, you replaced the clutch and cable? Did you put the plates in correct and correct number of plates? Is the clutch cable the correct length?