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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by hrlylvr65, Dec 15, 2010.

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    Looking at wheel change on a fatboy(98). Want to go with spokes, too many vendors to choose from...DNA, RideWright,American Wire Wheels, ect...Any feedback would be used wisely. I have heard horror stories about bad bearings, leaks on tubeless style spoke wheels, and poor customer service. Trying to use this forum to save some grief for myself as well as others. Thanks for your comments, suggestions and opinions:)
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    lots of cleaning on spokes thats why i bought a police bike no spokes to clean thats just me friend spends a day cleaning the bike and a day on spokes
    to much for me
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    Just replaced spokes and tubed tires on my bike with tubeless chrome wheels. Not so much due to the cleaning of spokes (which was tedious), but because I didn't want to be stranded with a flat tubed tire that could possibly be plugged on the side of the road, allowing me to make it home or to a shop. However, it's your bike and it should be about what you want! :newsmile03:
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    Since you asked, the solid wheels are one of the unique Fatboy features. The FB is one model that does not look better with bags, or custom wheels. JMO

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    I had Spoke wheels on Two hd's. Bought that way,, years ago ... I thought they looked great and they did,, and that was the way to go.

    Today, I go for the NO adjustable Spoke. I like the cast spoke wheels like said AND I feel they are safer for MY style of ride today.

    I found a bran new HD from a texas HD shop that had a bunch of LOOSE spokes..

    One of my Friends Friend-Wife was complaining about the BAD vibration of her New Bought Bike,, Just left the shop NEW and ridding 600 miles Just for the ROT rally..

    My friend the Sheriff said He had a friend along that may help..
    That friend was Me.

    I took a look, Tapping with a handle on a cresent wrench and found Many Loose(sound FLAT=loose), I thinking back like 9 loose on one inside and more on the outside.. of the rear wheel.. and several on the front.

    The wheels Needed to be TRUED when they got back but I did my best to do it to work.

    Her husband (musta still loved his wife) thanked me and said She could OF been Killed.... Yes she could of, We rode at 80/90 quite often. imagine a spoke rubbing a hole thru tube at that speed.

    You might remember MY story told Here before.....ROT rally 2 yrs ago..

    GETTING STUFF from a few of the members here LOL about me Using the term Tink and Donk for tuning of the wire wheels..

    Laugh as some did , BUT The vibration was gone when I was done, and on her next ride she felt SAFE... She said NO out of balance felt,and tried from 80 and UP....:newsmile03:
    Pheeeeew NOT ME...

    That being Just another reason I don't want adjustable spoke wheels.

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    Smitty ALWAYS manages to say it better with fewer words than me.:bigsmiley4:
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    I have to agree with this one.
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    I like the look of a wheel with good chrome spokes, which is not what Harley provides. BUT I prefer the safety and stability of running tubeless tires and not having to worry about an out of true wheel. Spokes are great, but choose wisely!!