Speedo/VSS problem

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    I am trying to use a stock VSS on a custom, the problem is the VSS is powered by 5v ECM power and i am not useing an ECM. I tried battery voltage but it only worked for a short time, I hevent tested the VSS but im shure its done. How can i bring the voltage down to 5v?. Ive been looking at a Voltage deviding circut but im not shure im on the right track.
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    Check this site out. I found it with a google search for "dc to dc converter"

    DC/DC Converter, retail, wholesale, off-the-shelf and custom, 5 watts to 800 watts

    5 volt 2 Amp DC/DC Converters (Regulators)
    This DC-DC converter is handy for running 5 volt equipment in truck, telecom, and railroad applications

    Not sure of price , but will give you an idea of what to look for.

    A voltage divider circuit will work but it requires the current to be the same value at all times

    Its this value that determines the voltage drop and the value of the resistor.
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