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    I bought a 04 SEEG wth a Sony radio that went South. Found a replacement stock radio. Went to replace the radio and found a Hawg Wired amp system and speakers under the fairing. All the factory wiring was still there. I removed the Sony, Amp, and all aftermarket wiring but left the Hawg Wired speakers. Then installed the HD radio and reconnected all the stock wiring to the radio and speakers. The problem is that when I turn the ignition switch off there is a audible pop from the speakers. There is a third wire coming off the Hawg Wired speakers that is not connected to anything. Any help appreciated.

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    3I had a pop in my speakers a while back and it was a poor ground. I guess that wire isn't a ground wire is it ? I would call Hawg wired about it.
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    Maybe OP will sign back on here ( last visit was 12/23/11 ) and let us all know if the problem has been fixed?!!!