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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by anjumkha, Apr 23, 2011.

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    I believe in the Greek philosophy of Golden mean. So what has this to do with the Harley sound ? Read on please.

    I bought the bike (FLHT 2007 with 2000 miles), The bike came with Screaming Eagle, through and through Slip ons which were really loud and annoying. The seller also gave me the original HD pipes.

    A week later I installed the stock pipes only to discover that the sound was weak and 'metric'. I also felt that the bike was not performing as good as it did with the SE slip ons.

    Today I did something wacky : On the left side I installed the SE pipe. I kept the right side stock.

    I have a GREAT sounding machine. I think the performance has improved too. I love the new sound, it is a mixture of treble and bass. I am sure this will raise a lot of eye brows in the HD cummunity.

    One down side is that the setup is asymmetric and not pleasing to the eye. However, an untrained eye will have difficulty noticing the asymmetry.

    Why did I choose the left side? Most of the exhaust pass through the right side because of the cross over pipe. Installing the SE on the Right side would have made the bike a whole lot louder, at least in theory.

    One question: Will this setup affect my engine in a negative way?

    M Khan
  2. glider

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    I would do it just the opposite way if at all. The flow is mainly from the right side from both cylinders for proper scavenging and by putting the less restrictive muffler on the left side the system isn't working as it should with the crossover. You may find if you want to run it this way that changing the pipes to opposite what you have now would run better but I would decide on one system or the other myself and not mix them.
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    Gotta give you credit for a unique ideal...:newsmile108:
  4. glider

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    I might add to that the newer ones.

    The older ones were VERY loud.
  5. 01 rk

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    Glider has it correct the older SE's are ear killers, have them on my 01RK.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Why not check some sound bites of different baffles, you already have good muffler bodies to work with?:s
  7. glider

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    I had them on my 03 SE Deuce and after a ride, it would take about an hour before my hearing was normal again.....but oh did they ever sound good.:D