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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by rick1062, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. rick1062

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    What makes a Deluxe lower than a Heritage? Is it the suspension or the frame?

    We are considering a different bike for my wife. She is on a Dyna Low Rider now, but has difficult on long rides. I am thinking a Deluxe or Heritage may be an easier ride for. She can reach the ground on a Heritage, but can reach much better on a Deluxe. But if the Deluxe is a harder ride than the Heritage, that would probably not be a good choice, even though it is lower.

    She tried a Road King Classic. The ride was great, but it was too much of a reach to the ground. We did wonder if a Road King was lowered enough, how that might be.

    Any comments will be appreciated, and thanks in advance.
  2. Knotwillig

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    Try a streetglide IT is lower
  3. glider

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    Lowering any bikes suspension makes for a harsh ride. The springs have to be stiffer to keep from bottoming out.

    The deluxe and heritage differ in seating height basically due to the seating position. The deluxe may be the way to go but go to the dealer and try one out, maybe even a test ride.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Lowering a bike has been done over and over, I have done it but the ride does get compromised, I would not lower another bike, rather like Glider said go to the dealer and test ride all the bikes that fit her and consider thicker soled boots and a reach seat:s JMHO
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    JK and glider are both on the money. I ran a 2" lowered softail for quite a time, you get banged about over bumpy roads and you grind out the boards and kickstand (you often need a shorter kickstand). Because the bike leans over more on the kickstand, fuel can expand in the tank and try to escape after refuelling when standing in the sun (it was a 91 Evo you might not get that problem on a later bike).
    My 2c would be a heritage with a seat to get her lower to the ground but,
    the king is a great bike and deserves its name of the king, if she can handle that with a lowered seat it would be my choice.
    I would go to the dealer and ask to try the bikes with a lowered seat and also take along what you intend to carry on the longer trips and load em up and ride em.
    Note also that a bike with a lowered front end will compress its forks faster under hard braking and can lock its front tyre up faster.
    Good luck with your choice.
  6. Slapp

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    Purchased the Heritage Classic for the Mrs. after looking at both the Fatboy Low and the Delux. The reason being is cost... with the Heritage you get the winsdshield and the bags include for less than a Fatboy or a Delux. With the money saved we installed a reach seat (free with purchase) then had the dealer install the 1 inch lowering kit (at cost). Bike rides awsome, smooth over bumps, she loves it plus we have all the storage and widshield.
    Fatboy and deluxe by the time windshield and bags were installed would have neen about 2500 extra.