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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by SE6A, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Hi guys...I have a 1999 softail standard, with original SHOWA forks.
    The front wheel was changed long before my ownership to a cast fatboy one.

    I took out the front wheel today and my little helper mixed up the spacers!...

    so now I have an axle and three spacers, one 30mm deep with two rings around one end, one 20mm deep and the final one 28mm deep and a bevel at one edge...
    any thoughts?:(

    further to this, it seems the wider spacer fits well on the left side (non caliper side, looking at the bike from the front) its the one with the two grooves, now should this be to the inside..or out?
    The other two fit together on the other side, the wheel turns free and central in the caliper....guess replacing the mudguard will re confirm I got it right!
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    I can tell you on the newer bikes that the rings on the spacers are supposed to be set towards away from the wheel and axle.
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    Thanks......well I got it the right way round at least...!