Softail oil leak??

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    I'm a new owner of an 2002 softail w/7000 mile (First Harley).
    So my question is that behind the cylinder head on the main black casting of the motor the is a small 1/4 inch long 1/8 inch wide hold . I was told it was a breather port. Is this correct and is it ok for a small amount of oil to escape from this hold? doesn't seem to be lots of oil Just noticeable after a 100 mile or so.
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  2. Jack Klarich

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    That is probably where the oil lines connect from the oil tank? On dynas it has been a problem with weepage
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    Are you referring to the opening between the engine casing and the transmission case behind the rear cylinder?
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    Welcome to the forum.
    We love pictures here. (worth a 1000 words). Just point a pencil to what your talking about and post (section on home page "site features or questions" will walk you right through it).

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