soft lowers on engine guard

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by ironmule, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. ironmule

    ironmule Member

    Looking for feedback on soft lowers as far as not allowing engine enough air flow too cool properly? Olny use under certian temps? thanks,ride safe
  2. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    I got a set from HD the nylon kind.
    They work great on those chilly mornings or days. They also work great for keeping the rain or mist off your lower legs.
    They say not to use them below 50 but i have used them up to 60 on the highway. no problems here.
    I would recommend them, because you can just roll them up and pack them in your bag for when you need them.
    If you go with the HD ones get the $59. ones as they seem more durable
  3. dbinbc

    dbinbc Active Member

    I use the soft lowers (engine chaps) in cool or wet weather on my Electra Glide, no problems at all with overheating. Because of the shape of the engine guards the chaps funnel the wind toward the engine. They keep the feet warm and dry and work great. Got mine at Sage Brush Engine Guard Chaps
    Not for use in hot weather but you would not want them on then anyway. Fold up small enough that they can stay in the saddle bags all the time so they are there when you need them, take all of 30 seconds to put on or take off.
  4. SeaRider04

    SeaRider04 Active Member

    I use them when it's cold (lower than 50) and when it's rain ( above 60), I like them, I carry them in the bag with my rain gear for just in case.
  5. joel

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    I'm on my 2nd HD set, 1st set I sold after I traded my RKC for the Ultra, Than we bought a 09 RKC and had to have them again, both are the quick disconnect type, I would stay away from the snap button type, they take longer to put on and seem to shrink, also making them harder to reinstall. They help keep you warmer and drier, I have ran with them on the hiway for short distances, engine didn't seem any warmer when getting back off hiway at the first stop. When removed you just roll them up and store them in the saddle bag, I use rubber bands to keep them roled up.
  6. dbmg

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    As all others have said the Harley ones for $59.00 are by far the best for the money. I also have used mine above 50 during the days in cooler weather with only a high of 60. Works great. I have also used in summer time when raining hard and works great. Again best bang for the money.
  7. Breeze3at

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    I think my soft lowers (Road Spirit) are about the best dollar value I have bought for my bike. On or off in less that a minute with heavy duty velcro, cut outs for my highway pegs, good road mist protection, and you can really feel the difference on a cold day. Take up almost no room in the bags. I got mine for temporary use while I was looking for a deal on hard lowers. Now I don't want hard lowers.
  8. lakeforktx

    lakeforktx Active Member

    I have the H.D. soft lowers, leaving in the morning on a 6 day trip up though Arkansas and Branson will be trying them out for the first time,hope they work good, hope I don't have to try out my new H.D. rainsuits......:D
  9. 09RG/92spster

    09RG/92spster Member

    I bought the HD soft lowers last year. Was a little skeptical at first but they work great. Have not tried them in the rain yet. Never noticed a problem with cooling. Just take them off by 60 degrees (or 50 degrees as HD says)