Socket for stem nut for Wide Glide

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Spade5, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Spade5

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    I am looking for a 1-1/2 inch socket to tighten the stem nut on my WG. The shortest one I have been able to find is Craftsman at 1-7/8 in tall but it is too tall to go under the handle bar.

    I just seems like too much work to have to remove the handle bar to get to this nut.

    I was riding and noticed the stem nut cover moving and it was turning due to vibration. I pulled over and tried to tighten it by hand only to have it do the same thing a couple of miles later. I pulled over and decided to remove it before it fell off and I noticed my stem nut was only finger tight. It had been serviced by the dealer 3,000 miles ago.

    The manual says there is a locking tab on the washer but I do not have one. I know there is a service bulletin to help with the clunk so maybe the new washer does not have the locking tab.

    I am hoping someone can point me to a socket that will go on without removing the bars.

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    My Amber front marker light was loose but the nut had wire leads coming out from the center making it impossible to get a standard socket on it. I took an old socket and cut a groove up the side so the wires could exit and I could still get an extension and rachet on it. It's in an ever growing collection of custom made tools I keep for such occasions.
    I'm wondering if you could grind an old or inexpensive socket down to fit under the bars ? If you don't have a grinder I saw Northern tools had a handheld for $20 the other day. Good luck with it - Bob
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    Auto supply stores seem to have a better selection of sockets in the larger sizes than Lowes/Home Depot/ACE. I was looking for a 1 3/16 socket and the 3 "big box" places mentioned above had 1, 1 1/16, 1 1/8, and 1 1/4 but skipped right over the 1 3/16 I was looking for. Found it at an Autozone.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Try craftsman3 / 4 drive with an adapter

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    There are also plenty heavy duty standard and ratcheting open end wrenches, but you will pay a bit for the single wrench rather than a "set" as an alternative. You could use the low profile ratchet head with integral hex drive, but has interchangeable socket(s)...a rather specialized tool by MAC, SnapOn or others...!
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    Snap On Crowfoot Flare

    I found a crowfoot flare on the Snap On site. It was $45 and the maximum recommended working load is 900 inch pounds which will cover the HD maximum torque of 70 ft lbs. The manual says 55 but this was revised with a service bulletin along with a new washer.

    The socket is like a 12 point box end with 10-15% cut out so it can go over a pipe. I think the 12 point is an advantage over the standard crow foot because you have more options in positioning the socket. I use a bar and beam torque wrench and prefer to add torque in increments so repositioning the socket a couple of times fits my style.

    The socket works great and the quality is excellent.