So is anyone watching Survivor?

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Irish Hog, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Irish Hog

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    I am not really a TV person, I watch a few shows religiously in the winter when boredom hits. I like the deadliest catch, Ice Road truckers, Axe men and dirty jobs. My wife and I got into the HBO series John Adams last winter, we even went to Williamsburg VA in April to see some of the filmed footage sites, we even met some of the extras that were in the film, we had a great time it was pretty cool. I remember going home looking for the extras we met in the film..

    Well with all that said, we have just got into Survivor, we are actually having fun with it. I only saw the saw the first season, but have not seen any episodes since. It really is a great show. So if anyone is watching what do you think??. It was quite a shock to see the teams switched up tonight..It is getting interesting..
  2. SledDog

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    I watched the first season... That was more than enough.... I'd rather watch paint dry... Just not enough there to interest me.
  3. MIHDrider

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    Yes Irish Hog I am watching. I have been addicted to that show since the beginning (other than the first season in Africa (season 3 I think), the people in it were terrible). The switch up tonight was different and neat. What I will never understand is this voting people out for numbers this early. They need to be strong as a team and win challenges to egt to the merge. IDIOTS!!!

    Anyway, I will talk all u want about this.
  4. SeaRider04

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    My wife and I happen to watch it when we did not know the title of the shows, she got a good laugh right after we found out that it's called "survivor".
  5. rdlee

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    is there a guy called murray in it yet in america he is from england????