So I ran out of gas and.....

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    So I am riding on a little state highway to the next little town (from where I live which is in rural east Texas), about 20 miles away to their annual watermelon festival. (It’s just somewhere to go, you know?) So about half way there the motor starts cutting out and my girlfriend says, “What’s that?” I immediately remembered that I forgot to fill up and I had made a long ride the day before. I told her that it was not a problem, reached down to turn on the reserve and figured out quickly that the reserve was already on.(EDITED) Out of gas__ Well, I coasted and pulled in to a gravel drive just to get off the highway. There was a house about 50 yards off the road. My girlfriend starts in; “Oh this is just great, I can’t believe you ran out of gas.” I tried to downplay it telling her that this would just be another episode where we would look back and laugh about something. It is July and even at 10 AM it’s already around 95 degrees. She is hot and getting hotter. We are 10 miles from a gas station in either direction. She’s still after me, mostly just kidding but definitely not happy. I decide I will walk to my cousins house about 4 miles down the road and then I thought; why not just go to this house where we’re stopped and pay them for a half gallon of gas to get me to the station. So I start walking up the drive to the house wondering what sort of people I’m going to meet here. Out here in the country they may not be too happy with some motorcycle broken down in their driveway. As I look up toward the house I notice 2 guys getting in a pickup. They drive towards me and after about 1 second they see me walking towards the house. They stopped and backed up to the house. One guy (the passenger) gets out, gets something and gets back in with it. I’m thinking, did he get a gun or something? I keep walking and they drive towards me. They stop when they reach me and they are kinda rough looking and I ask them about buying some gas from them, that I ran out of gas in my motorcycle. The passenger says, “Yea, we figured you did” and holds up a small gas can. The driver says, “We’ve been there.” They got out and they both were wearing Harley t-shirts. We all kinda laughed and I felt stupid. It could have been a long hot walk and a lot of (EDITED) but we ended up stopped for maybe 5 minutes at the most. I gave them $5 or $10 even though they didn’t want it and told them to get a beer or something. Being new to riding, I sure did appreciate that and I will definitely return the favor to someone down the road.

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    Nice story; a friend in need is a friend indeed!
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    that's the way it should be everywhere.
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    Thats an awesome story! Good to know there are caring people out there.

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    A very good story, did notice that you had a careful out there, many models do not and the familiar reach down and turn when your bike starts to sputter just doesn't work...and beware of the "finicky" fuel guage, and use the odometer backup system.
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    I came from a rural area and most everyone was like that. Then I moved to a big city and no one around here will give you the time of day. I learned to accept the fact and now I always have a cell phone as part of my gear. It is a shame that it has come to this, but I am glad whiterock still can count of folks to help out when they can.
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    Been there a couple times myself and would definitely help out another if I saw one in need. 1st time I ran out, I dropped my gear with the bike and started walking. Guy rode up to me in a Charger asked if I needed some help, he told me to hop in, where he took me to his girlfriend's house, grab a can of gas and told me to use whatever was in there and same as your 2 guys did not want any cash. Drove me back to the bike, made sure I got it started ok and off I went. Total about 15-20 minutes, since I walked a little ways before he stopped, but could have been much worse.

    Nice to know that you have some friends out there that have been through these things before.
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    I laughted as I read this... running out of gas is one of my biggest fears even though I have never had it happened. Your timing was perfect for the location where it happened and it will become a good laught for a long time.... Did they hit on your rider?
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    It is so nice to hear that there really are decent people still out there.
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    Very nice, reminds me of when I was a kid. Hopefully your girlfriend didn't stay mad at you long.