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  1. BigDogg65

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    Hi, my qeustion is I own a dyna convertable stand 5'9" and weigh about 250.My lady is 5'7" and she isnt tiny( I know better to list her what I have found is with both of us on the bike she has me pushed all the way to the tank so as my boys are not in comfort lol. I got the bike before i met her 4 yrs ago and pretty much rode solo before that. So that was the background now the qeustion , What a better ride for us electraglide or roadking ? I have kinda been thinking a fairing and some tunes would be a great thing for me , she dont care so long as she is comfy and not sqiushing me and its a nice color. I like the looks of the eg and rk . We arent blessed with extra cash and I have been trying to sell my bike for the money but dont know which direction to look at.

    The dealers are no help around here all they want is sales not happy return customers.

    Any help would be great
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    I would suggest 2 things,#1 test ride different models and see which one feels the best for both of you. #2 Don't let your lady read your post!:newsmile100:
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  3. 03ultra45385

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    I know where you are coming from. Do you ride long distance or short rides? We ride an electraglide with a reach seat which gets my feet planted firmly on the ground and plenty of room for our ladies. If she needs more room the tour pack an be moved back for more room. we have put 60k miles on this bike and are really happy with it.
  4. Breeze3at

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    Considering your height/weight and hers, you really need to make sure whatever you get enables you to flatfoot the ground so that you have control when stopped.. There's several seats and companies that make seats closer to the ground or narrower in front. The downside, your posterior may suffer on longer rides.
  5. dbmg

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    Someday you will own a bagger. Both the King and Glide are the same except you can remove the Kings windshield. The King is a bit better handling from not having a fairing. Try to decide, for some after the fact end up putting a fairing on a King which looks great but is at least a grand plus to do. So choose wisely.
  6. Bodeen

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    I would suggest......... Ah, I cant do it. I would suggest a Road King!
  7. Mavagrand

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    Depends on what type of riding. RK and the Electra Glides ride on the same frame. Where you'll find the difference is in handling and amenities. The RK is a sweet cruiser with minimal wind protection and no tunes. She's great for short road trips where you can pop the windshield off when you get to your destination. However, if you want a full blown touring bike, then get the Electra Glide (I'm speaking from experience, I've owned both) the full fairing bike has all you need for long distance touring, wind protection, tunes, plenty of storage. FWIW, my wife found the Electra glide more comfortable then the road king, due to the tour pak.

    In short, the RK is the most attractive bike HD makes, IMO, and is an adequate tourer with the ability to become a beautiful cruiser when you pop the windshield off. No tunes though.

    the EG is a full blown tourer, full windshield, fairing and tunes with plenty of luggage.

    both are comfortable and will get you where you wanna go.

    think about what kind of riding you plan on doing and go from there.
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    +1 :D :newsmile100:

    Joking around aside, sounds like a bagger is in your future. But if money is tight now, there are many seat options out there that probably will help. Maybe someone will chime in with suggestions.
  9. Amish Hawg

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    For me, my RK is just fine. For momma, she's more comfy on the tourer. If you two are making long hauls/ go EG. Like said above, you can slap a fairing on a RK.

    Or wait for the Road Glide and go big. :D
  10. BigDogg65

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    Thank you all for the advise, thing is around here if you want to test the sales peeps are up your ass to buy so I know thats what they need to do but would like to take both out and see. Any one have ideas around that? I have thought about 1 day rentals but need a major credit card, and they dont have roadkings on the list.

    Yes we want to ride all day if we could but as she reminded me today her position starts to hurt her knees ( sorry i forgot to list that as an issue before) so 1-2 hrs is all she can take. I am used to riding till I need gas or a smoke lol which ever comes

    I have seen fairings on the RK for about 1 -1500 cash and the later is getting it painted.

    You all make valid pointshope to hear more thoughts