So how is the Dyna Gen 4 Version coming along?

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  1. markfsanderson

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    I'm convinced I want to purchase a Dobeck TFI system, but I've been waiting on the sidelines for the Gen 4 for my 2011 Dyna to be ready for market. Do you need any more Beta Testers? :p Seriously - I'm a old/new rider, but I've had 20+ years in the software engineering business . . . w/10 plus of those years in low resource/embedded systems work . . .
    But if not . . .then can I get purchase a TFI Gen 3 and get some $ towards the Gen 4 when it ecomes available (iff I return it, of course!)? My exhaust and A/C upgrades are on hold waiting for Gen 4 . . . or should I?
    I look forward to hooking up one of your devices to my bike so I can start my stage one . . .

    Mark - Thanks!:newsmile026:
  2. Jack Klarich

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    GEN 4 - AFR PLUS EFI Controller - ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles Have you read this yet Mark?:s
  3. markfsanderson

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    My current understanding is that Gen 4 is available only for Road King and similar . . . not the Dyna. There are still some software/engineerig issues to work out . . . but hey - I'll gladly be proven wrong! If I can order one, then I will!

    Mark - Thanks!:newsmile026:
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest Here is The PDF install, call me crazy but it looks like it fits your bike:s
  5. markfsanderson

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    Very nice! I thought it was still in beta test phase . . . cool I'll order soon! I guess I just send the Dobeck guy a PM and go from there?

    Mark - Thanks!:newsmile026:
  6. markfsanderson

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    Hmm . . . .there is only instructions for the Touring bike . . . my FXDC looks different from this one in the pix . . . Last time I contacted Dobeck, they were offering the Gen 4 w/out oxygen sensor support on the dyna . . this was maybe 3 o 4 months back . . . I wonder if its fully supported now?!

    Mark - Thanks!:newsmile026:
  7. FerrousBueller

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    I have a similar question for my '09Softail Custom. Perhaps Dobeck has an answer for both of us?

    I saw Bubbie's install Saturday and now I'm even more interested!

    Thank You,
  8. r_k_dragon

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    Same here! After seeing Bubbies' setup I'm interested in the same. I'd like to make sure it'll work with my still stock '11 Ultra Classic.

    So, Jack, are we both good to go with the Gen 4? Thanks!

    Steve E.


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I Know Chris and Mark are trying to get things IRONED Out.

    I have a totally new gen4 coming to try out for the 09 midified (cams) bikes and will need to RE install the whole package again THIS WEEK.... EACH time they change me out IT Works Better but Not good enough for Mark Dobeck...

    I agree, IT is time consuming but WORTH the wait.

    I got 47 MPG on my ride up, (Not running Lean at all) , having green AFR (slow speed) for cooling at 0 to 30ish mph, set on - side of 13 and the yellow-blue locking AFR in at 14.0. and Running really great. Red-blue (twisting the throttle) locking in at 12.5 AFR for the hot rod effect.:D

    I don't know what to tell you guys BUT I LIKE mine but IT is not quite right yet. Maybe this new programmed one for me, will work 100% and finally they will be happy enough to offer it to the masses.

    Mind you, they are working on MY 09 FLHR as it has SE255 cams and stage one.

    It was "hot" on our ride thru the twisties following Tank and Ferrous and also on the way back from Kingman yesterday, so I set the AFR (yel-blue) at 13.25 and could not tell much ddifference in fuel use, down to 45 mpg, performance the same from the 14.0 setting But I know it was running cooler.:D I thought the speed limit was 80+ as it ran good there:D

    Chris will answer your questions, Com'n Chris....... I Know you are busy, but they need your input:D

  10. DobeckTechSupport

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    We had to change a few things on the Gen 4 and new components should be here soon. Once we test the new components then I will have a better idea on a full release date for Harleys. Currently right now the only Gen 4s we are sending out are for Beta Testing only. Please remember that on some models there will have to be an Oxygen Sensor Bung welded into the head pipe.

    We will help upgrade people to a Gen 4 that purchase a controller from us within the last 2 years (warranty period). Not sure what the upgrade cost will be yet. If you guys have any other questions please let me know.