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    Saturday we decided to take a little trip up the coast. Started out in Oceanside departing at 10:00. Took a run up I-5. Then took the 405. Cut across Santa Monica Blvd. Stopped for coffee on Santa Monica Blvd. Continued over to Pacific Coast Highway. Went north until we arrived at Neptunes. Stopped and had lunch (clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl). Continued north to Naval Base Ventura County. Came back south on PCH and decided to cut inland and play in the twisties for a little while. Great riding up in there. Started getting a little warm, so we headed back to PCH. Ran back down to Malibu, Lollygaged around there for a little while, then decided it was time to head for home. It was really a great day for riding along the coast. Weather was cool and overcast, which meant there weren't a lot of folks headed for the beach. Very little to no traffic all day. Got back into San Diego around 6:00 pm. All in all a very good day for riding with friends.

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    Have to agree with 03fxsti...SoCal cruising of the PCH, eating at Neptunes, sprinting up Malibu Canyon Road, visiting the Rock Store, scratching down Santa Monica Blvd...just plenty of good riding with technical sections in between, have to remember to gently heel the bike over without dragging undercarriage too heavy...will certainly put a mighty big smile on your face at the end of the day! :D
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    It is a beautiful area to ride, but when we rode the 405, it was crazy with traffic.
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    That was probably one of the best trips I ever made up that way in the summer. Normally the traffic on the 5 and 405 is bumper to bumper, but I think since it was such cold overcast week and day, it kept folks away from the beach areas. Nobody on the beaches=no traffic on the highways. Wish the traffic was always as light as it was that day.