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    Just wondering how many people in this forum are from iowa and if you're getting tired of all the snow we've been getting ? At the rate we're going it'll be july before all this snow is gone ! Not really but it sure seems like it . I know for sure it will at least be the end of april before it's all gone . Heck even texas is getting snow this year , unbelievable .:(
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    My heart goes out to you guys who get really full-on winters:(. We moan about a few weeks of snow (a few inches - maybe drifts up to a couple of feet in the worst hit areas) but you fellas in the mid west (and elsewhere by the sound of things) get SERIOUS snow. I feel disgruntled enough as it is loosing a few weeks riding due to snow or road salt so I can imagine how gut wrenching it must be to put your scoots away for almost half the year. I suppose you all buy snow mobiles to have some fun on in the white stuff - or take up cross country skiing.......

    This sort of winter really adds to the dissenting voices about global warming doesn't it!
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    Last year and this year have been pretty bad, every time I get everything clean down to the pavement, it snows again. It might only be an inch or two, but you still have to go out and shovel it. From what I here on the news we may surpass last years totals.

    07-08 76.2 inches 08-09 78.7 inches
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    Snow is definitely getting old fast... I bet if you asked the folks in the south they'd say that global warming is a joke. Even Canada can't keep enough snow on the ground for the Olympics.
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    Ummm...that's just BC. The rest of Canada has more than enough. I'm trying to find a way to ship what I have out there. Incidently, here in Manitoba it's not the snowfall that hard to deal with, it's the wind. Probably the same in Iowa, ND, etc. I live rural and absolutley depend on my 4x4 truck. On the plus side the temps are suppose to be just below freezing for the next week.
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    Portugal is a all year great weather.

    The town I live never snows, is by the sea.

    And usually I ride all months but this winter is the worst I can remember.
    Raining like england and cold temperatures.

    Last Sunday I ride about 80 miles till the afternoon and when I came home I was so cold that I cannot felt my legs.

    By da way: anyone knows some underpants thermal cloth?
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    Guys,I live in South Jersey about 25 or so miles from Phila.Pa. and believe it or we've gotten more snow this year than Buffalo,NY
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    You sir live in a Beautiful Country. I spent some time there and I agree the weather was always perfect.