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    I recentley had some motor work done on my evo, Had higher comp pistons, cams not alot of stuff. The bike was running great then started smoking a little was hoping rings to seed in. They didn't so I replaced and replaced valve seals also. Bike ran great no smoke for about 200 miles. I parked the bike at night no smoke, started in the morning and smoke eveywhere. It appears to be building up oil in y pipe at rear cylinder because when you start up it smokes there and alot from pipes. Any suggestions before I tear down again.

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    Welcome Brentpenrod to the HDTalking forum...while there will be plenty of others who will weigh in, the oil burning/smoking can be something simple like overfilling, oil tank one way check valve leaking (filling the sump with oil), to oil pump incorrect installation/alignment...the list is long. Best thing would be to double check the routine things, and have your servicer at least check out their work, if you want to maintain the warranty status as you said the service was recent.
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    Also check your vents on the heads. Where the carb mounting plate bolts on there are two vents one front one back. Make sure they don't get plugged. I had a friend who kept having his evo smoke and kept insisting (to the point of tearing it down) that he had done nothing different? Then one day he did one of those "Oh yeah , I changed the heads but that wouldn't do it" , well he had plugged the vents thinking he didn't need it. Made a lot of smoke when it can't vent and pushes oil past rings.:34:

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    I have had a problem right from the factory on my 97 FXDS EVO, The oil consumption was there But in both cyls.. Taking down proved the valve seals were not installed correctly and oil would leak down the valve and smoke at first start up... I used about a cup of oil at each ride of 80 or so miles.. Fixed the seals and all went fine...

    Don't understand your ring problem tho...Using 3rd gear 30/60/30 X 10 times is the best break-in method for the problem rings,,, I hope you re-honed the cross hatch on the install of new 2ond set of rings.. and how did you break them in.... Too easy is not the best IMO....

    I found the 30/60/30 X 10 method Here (think Gliders way) and it was posted and talked a lot about, getting Good results from all who did it this way...

    including me. 09FLHR

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    Sounds like a venting problem to me. I'm not sure where 1993 is vented, my 1989 is vented on the crank case next to the oil pump but the newer models are vented in the heads. But anyway check to make sure it's vented somewhere. If not that did you stagger the ring gap like it says in the manual and check the ring gaps. Make sure the oil return from the head to the case is open as well.
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    Torque the head gaskets per the manual, do not do not use any other torque Evos are funny that way I bet the rear head gasket is bad. check the studs to make sure they are not pulling out of the casese this was another problem with evos