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  1. twicecam

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    I am installing the smart siren 2 on my deluxe tonight , I was wanting some feedback on the pager , I was wondering if anyone has used the pager? Is it a good option to consider now that I have the siren??? :dknow
  2. glider

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    Some have mentioned that a short time after arming the system that the range confirmation signal has stopped working after an hour or two.

    Remote Pager Receiver II HD Part # 91660-06

    Here's a snip from the manual for this unit that will explain it.

    "In order to protect the power supply the security system will only broadcast the RCS (range confirmation signal) for one hour. The security system will remained armed, and will alert the pager in the event of a trigger if within range".
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    I use the pager when I park the bike out of my sight. I gives piece of mind while your in the restaurant eating and can't see it. Yes, the range confirmation signal stops flashing after an hour, but the pager will still activate.
    (Not real fond of the belt clip that came with it though.)

    If you want my .02 worth, carry a spare battery for the pager. No sense in try to defy Newton's law! :cheers
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    I have both the rechargable pager (for my Ultra) and the battery operated one (for my Road King.) They both work fine, the range is good, and the peace of mind is worth the price of admission.
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    I am just curious, I guess I have the original smart siren in my 01 Dyna. Can I add a pager to it, or do I have to buy a new unit. I don't use it much, but it would be nice to have when I need it. Mine is under the seat.

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    Smart pager II only works with Smart siren module II as they use the "proximity" operating mode, where the new buttonless fob when moved away from the bike automatically arms the alarm system "normally". Smart siren module II plugs into same spot as the SSM I and only HD 'bout $100 new anyway LOL :yeahright
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    I have the battery operated one and am satisfied; money well spent.

    * Small saga: At first I thought it was a waste of money; however after I read some posts here on the subject, I went back and read the siren booklet and found that my remote's battery was dead. After I replaced the battery the bike wouldn't recognize the remote until I had reprogrammed it, as I dug deeper I found that the dealer had logged the wrong security code in my manual.

    It all worked out in the end: I now understand how my security system works, know the new code and how to change and/or bypass the code, how to program the remote to my bike, and am pleased with the added security. I do recommend changing FOB and remote pager batteries regularly.

    Next is to tackle changing out the siren back-up battery :)
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