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    Looking to get a new Smart phone , so I'm looking for some pros and cons if you know of any. I have the Blackberry Curve9 with AT&T now and don't care for it much as it's slow. I'm considering the I-phone 4 that everyone and their kin seem to have , but also looking hard at the HTC EVO Droid with Sprint as it has super reviews and can do some things the I-Phone can't.
    I don't like the idea that the new I-Phone 4 has glass on front and back. Ouch if you drop it? Also, the antenna has had problems with dropped calls as I have read. But it's still a consideration .
    So do any of you have a smart phone? Which one? like or dislike ?
  2. Cyclops

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    Just upgraded from BB Curve to Iphone4G myself. I purchased the otterbox because of my fear of dropping. I went with the Iphone because I already have an Itunes account, so I can have everything on my Iphone. And, I like that I can just purchase an Itunes card for purchases, etc., vs. buying on-line via Google for the droid apps. There are many pros/cons on the Iphone vs. Droid. I think it comes down to what you want the phone to do and how much you'll use & what for.
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    Have the new Motorola milestone and really like it. It is a lot like the HTC and has tons of apps. Phone is really fast with 3g service of coarse there is no real 4g service regardless what they say. No on is broadcasting in 4g according to the internet just the other day. They claimed it is way too expensive for the companys to go to the 4g system. Just what I read I dont really know. I'm with a carrier called Bluegrass cellular and get great service everywhere I have been. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas
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    I've got the DroidX on Verizon, and really like the phone. It does everything I want, and has good sound and reception. Android has an app available called ISyncr that lets me sync my itunes on it. The camera has really good detail, and has a flash. Before I got it, I was afraid it would be too large, but find that the larger size is actually great for my hands and vision.
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    Droid X..also I like it a lot.. works good .. fast.. less expensive.. quickly becomeing the most popular phone I think... I use Verizion because att will not work where I live and won't work in a lot of places Verizion will work.....:D
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    I have the Droid X with Verizon. I have liked my HTC phones best and have had better luck with Sprint than Verizon. If our service at our house doesn't get any better, as soon as our contract is up, we are going back to Sprint, but unfortunately we are stuck with Verizon for another year.

    The kicker is, 4 years ago, the service worked fine at our house. Single story wood frame ranch, so that should not be an issue. Like I tell the fine folks at Verizon, your service used to work, I don't think my house has moved that much in the last 4 years, that tells me that something has changed on their end. They did send a network extender, that helps some, but it essentially makes it like using the home phone since once I get out of range from the extender I will drop the call.

    I got the Droid X because it is supposed to have the best antenna, one on each end of the phone, but I still drop a lot of calls. Not real happy with Verizon in case you didn't pick up on that. As for the phone itself, it's almost too big for me to be comfortable with but it seems to work okay. I definitely like it better than the Blackberry. As far as the apps go, you can get about anything you want for any phone these days.

    Though AT&T has the worst ratings and coverage according to Consumer Reports, I have seen AT&T subscribers receive calls (on an Iphone) where no other phone has worked before....At this point, I would still have to lean back towards Sprint. But that is just me.
  7. bwalsh22

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    Here is my take for your thoughts. So you know some background on me I am a techie, work with technology all the time and used to support part of my companies sales force and overall mobile strategy. I currently have the iPhone 4, which I switched after being a Windows Mobile person for years.

    First, what are your needs? Are you planning on using this solely for personal use or planning some work use on it (by work use I mean work email and calendar). This is critical as companies are just starting to adopt some technologies that work with BB, Windows, Apple, and Droid. You will want to know how your company connects these in this case. For me, my company allows the iPhone, however the connection with the Microsoft environment here is not as strong as Windows Mobile was, or BB is.

    If you are going to use it for personal use, what kind of stuff are you looking for, web browsing, personal email, games, photography/video...anything else. These are the main 3 uses. iPhone has the largest number of apps avaialble, although Droid is catching up quick, most apps/games are on both platforms. Web browsing, you are going to want a Droid or iPhone, the BB as you well know just stinks at the web use.

    Cameras are heavily dependent on the phone itself, I can tell you the iPhone 4 camera has pretty much put my other cameras, video and point and shoot to the grave (video only comes out when I want to take more than a 5 min clip). Went to Niagara for my 10 year, my wife had her DSLR (which can't be beat) but my iPhone HDR photos were pretty amazing

    As for antenna issues with the iPhone, I have experienced it, but since putting the case on I do not worry about it, not an issue.

    Glass for iPhone, my biggest gripe was that it was slippery, but again, not an issue with a small case on it. The glass is incredibly durable, as I have dropped mine a handful of times. Dupont makes the glass, called guerilla glass for a reason.

    In summary:
    - Blackberry - These are going away the app stores for Apple and Droid are far superior
    - Droid - Great phones, but dependent on the manufacturer. They have the same challenge as windows, as Google makes the phone, HTC and others make the handsets, so they are not always in full sync with the changes from the OS to the device
    - Windows - Still new and growing, app store is starting to build up but may want to wait till some real reviews come out.
    - Apple - Large App Store, solid device, best display and one of the best cameras on the phones.

    I am not an Apple Fanboy, actually quite the opposite, as I own no Apple computers and it took me till the 4 to buy an iPhone, even an iPod I was reluctant to buy at first, going with the Dell MP3 initially. In general, this is by far the best device I have ever owned for a smart phone. (4 palms previously, 2 Samsungs previously). My wife has the 3G, which is slow and cumbersome, the 4 is non of that. I play games, have work email and calendar synced to it, use it heavily for pictures and video, and the occassional web lookup (this feature helps me greatly as I do not have to get the computer out many times cause it is just that good.)

    Hope this helps.
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    Have the HTC hero and have had no problems.
  9. doc_63

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    Had a Blackberry and switched to an Android. I need a smartphone mainly for email and switched back to the Blackberry. They are email "machines".

    When someone other than AT&T offers the iphone I will try one. The visual voicemail system they use impresses me. I get lots of messages daily and that system rocks. Will Apple ever let us have a shot at that phone? AT&T is completely useless around here.
  10. dogdad

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    Verizon is going to carry the iphone in 2011 spring .

    Verizon Wireless Said to Start Offering IPhone in January
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