Small Wheel Wobble

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Barnicle, Jun 8, 2008.

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    While out riding today in 100 degree heat i noticed my 21 inch laced wheel has a slight untrueness about it. Eye sight can some times play trick on you so I need your advice. While riding I look down the front fork at the wheel as eyball down the fork I notice the wheel has a small wobble. I do not notice any shimy at anay speed nor any unusual tire wear. The front disk brake does not grab in spots either like you would expect when you have an untrue spoked wheel.

    Is this an eyball oversight and nothing to worry about?
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    The disc can run true even if the wheel is out. The disc is attached to the hub and the wheel through the spokes is also but has to be trued to the hub. If it is noticeably out of true, I would jack up the bike and affix something to the fork that would line up with the rim and turn the wheel slowly to verify if it is out of true and deal with it accordingly. You should also check the spokes periodically for tightness by tapping on them with a wrench or something to see if they all "ring" in the same pitch when you slowly turn the wheel.
    You should get the same ring from them all and if you don't, it is a loose spoke and should be taken care of.
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    21's are notorious for being difficult to keep round.Find a decent tech and get the wheel checked out.They're never dead straight and the tolerance is pretty wide.Are you looking at the wheel or the tire?Tires are rarely round.