Slip-ons with no tuner?

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    I have an 09 SG with about 700 miles as of today. I bought it new with a SE heavy breather and Rush slip-ons. The dealer told me there was no need for a tuner as the new EFI can handle it. They did testing and they know.

    I get lousy gas mileage and my pipes are so blue they almost look purple. Another local dealer told me I should have a tuner and if I don't i'll damage my engine from running too lean and hot. For about a grand they can set me up. What the (EDITED)

    Who is right? If I need to have a tuner installed should I go back to where I bought the bike and what good would that do?

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    The engine is already lean and it will run leaner with less restrictive exhaust and air filter. The AFR needs to be fattened up a bit; XiEDs (don't know if available for '09 models yet), FuelPak or one of it's cousins. Dealers will sometimes try to push the SERT but SERT, PC, TMax or any system that requires dyno time to dial in is not necessary.
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    Thanks. Myself, I can't tell if it is running too lean or not as I have nothing to go on. Blue pipes , it doesn't back-fire and except for the gas mileage of around 30 or a little less I don't know. Hal's Harley wants me to spend over $700 for a tuner and custom program, etc.

    Thanks for the offer. We should get together sometime regardless.

    I have been swamped lately at work as we are preparing to put on a conference in Florida next week so I haven't had too much time to go on-line.

    <edit> just read this: The 08/09 FLH ECM's have electronic throttles and a different connector.
    Harley made additional internal changes to the 09 ECM and some changes to the wiring harness. These changes to the 09 FLH's made the current IED's incompatible with these bikes. So O2 IED, XiED, X14iED, ViED and Dyn OiED are not certified for use on '09 FLH bikes.
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    You don't need an SEST or any other tuner. What you have done is a Stage I upgrade. You do need an ECM flash to adjust for it. That usually runs about $130-150.
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    That will work but it will still be lean for EPA. A TFI or tuner is the best way to go.
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    Many others have been through this exact same thing. Many ways to resolve, depending on how much money you want to spend. If you are a racer, high performance, motor buliding, tweaking kind of guy that needs the squeeze every ounce of performance, get the SERT. If you are like 99% of us, all you need to know are three letters: TFI. That simple. If you want a short cut, just do what Glider says! LOL! All the mods are great and will steer you right.